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This is why Obama is here…Planet Earth Transition…this is a World Address…

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These videos are of President Obama’s speech today (2/11/11) about events in Egypt. The first video below I was alerted to as I am a subscriber to the “ufosindeutschland” YouTube page. I enjoyed this presentation of Mr. Obama’s speech about … Continue reading

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Alpha Spaceship! Allow me to tell you briefly something about what we know will take place…

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This post from Alpha Spaceship English, by Kris Won, was “stolen” from Steve’s website. But I post it here because this part of it resonated with me, and with what is going on now, and where we are headed as … Continue reading

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New Energies Opening…with Clarity, Audacity, and Abundance…

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As I write this piece today, at 1:46 PM, Hawaii time, I am watching news coverage of the demonstrations in Cairo, Egypt. (okay I admit it…I do watch TV sometimes as I write these posts). There will be more regarding … Continue reading

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SaLuSa 5-January-2011…”the old system is creaking at the joints”…

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SaLuSa 5-January-2011 Some points from today’s SaLuSa message: …the old system is creaking at the joints and cannot hold together much longer. …“like attracts like” and when you question why certain things happen in your life, you may trace it … Continue reading

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Why am I Posting now??? A Message…

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Why am I Posting now??? “I have no idea”, is the correct answer. There seems to be a message coming through, and I do not ask questions anymore about the time nor the place. So here goes… _____________________________________ 1:51 AM … Continue reading

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The 12/12…

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It is now 11:11 PM, on 12/11/2010. The 12/12/2010 is almost here in Hawai’i. So what does this mean for us? I have read a few articles, and some say these days of dual numbers represent times of vortexes opening … Continue reading

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David Wilcock’s Latest…I Strongly Suggest you TUNE IN…

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David Wilcock’s radio show today rather “blew me away” (photo at left). Okay… I will likely not be posting large amounts of others’ material here, BUT… I WILL post links to these 3 things… Today’s (12/08/10) Myth or Logic Radio … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks.org is “shut down”…More information here…

WikiLeaks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Okay, it appears as of today, Wikileaks.org no longer works. Below are several mirror sites that have been set up, this reported on the above Wikipedia page. Here is a link to another page … Continue reading

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The Unveiling (Apocalypse) is in Full Progress…

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Reading a post yesterday about Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, in The 2012 Scenario, it became clear to me that even though many groups are endeavoring to clamp the lid shut on Mr. Assange and other whistle-type-blowers, nothing they … Continue reading

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Why are we upset???

I suppose I should rather entitle this, “Why am I upset???” But I know that often when I “sense” things for/within myself, I later discover that many others are noticing the same thing(s) within Them-selves. Now when these come up, … Continue reading

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Intense Depressive Energies…

It seems that I am feeling as if the world is collapsing in on ME. I have no “work”, actually I do not WANT any “work”, and the Federal Reserve Note influx has been almost “zero” the last few weeks. … Continue reading

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