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ABOVE MAJESTIC: The Implications of a Secret Space Program – Coming 10/31/18

I was asked to share this preview. No comments from my end. . https://youtu.be/D8mzSBBfnNQ Read more here.

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Jordan Sather 9-19-18 Discusses the latest ‘Q Disclosure Posts’… “Q Confirms ET’s and Secret Space Programs”

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I’m putting this out there because Jordan displays the same joy and enthusiasm that I feel about this. This relates to these two prior Kp blog posts: Q post #2221; Q post #2224 . https://youtu.be/IsG3gQIRxno

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#QAnon #Q post #2224 9-19-18… “Q responds to the question, ‘Did NASA fake the moon landings?'” (answer = “No”)

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Well, here’s another one… re: disclosure. No need to add anything to this one. Baby, it’s happening!! Q post 2224 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 922952 No.3095105 Sep 19 2018 19:58:13 (EST) Anonymous ID: a16b71 No.3094804 Sep 19 2018 19:45:34 (EST) Q, … Continue reading

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#QAnon #Q post #2221 9-19-18… “Q responds to the question, ‘Are we alone (in the Universe)?'” (answer = “No”)

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This was sent to me by CC, and I’m grateful they did. Just a hint, perhaps, of what is to come. I’m posting as is, very clear, baby! Q post 2221 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 98088e No.3094236 Sep 19 2018 19:25:34 … Continue reading

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Preston James VT 5-2-17… “Do the Alien ETs make them do it?”

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As I posted another Preston yesterday, I also became aware of this one. Again, Preston has pointed out quite a few ideas that add to the ET/SSP/”SS-etc.” disclosure. (pardon the extensive (aka, “long as hell”) highlights). “…it is… a fact … Continue reading

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A Kp note or two about Corey’s last (9-14-16) post… (or, “Let’s get personal about this ‘Contact thing'”)

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These are a few additional comments (notes) I had revolving around this recent Kp blog posting of Corey Goode’s post. What I said in that is below. ——————————————— [from this previous post] One note I will make here is that … Continue reading

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David Wilcock Facebook Posting 11-3-15… “Disclosure is Actually Going to Occur”

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I saw this at Sphere Being Alliance FB page. Pretty important news, in my view. “All of our best sources are independently saying that Disclosure is actually going to occur. The Alliance groups have reached a consensus. “…the shoot-down of … Continue reading

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Disclosure Update 1 of 2… Starship Earth 3-17-15… “Disclosure: The Chess Game Continues. Can You Find the Strategy?”

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This is quite the fascinating story from BP, via PRG (Paradigm Research Group). It relates to this prior post about President Obama appearing on Jimmy Kimmel. “Sometime prior to the CHI launch date Pres. Bill Clinton scheduled an appearance on … Continue reading

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From ??… “Alien Message to Mankind: “Do You Wish That We Show Up?””

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This is sort of an “off the path but yet on the path” message that somehow felt right to post at this moment. Personally, I’ve made my “peace” with the idea that I might never see what I had “expected” … Continue reading

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2-7-12 Message… “The Personalized Nature of Disclosure”

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This message came through, inspired by/communicated from the cloud ships over the water, and from wherever. The point of this message is basically that this process called “Disclosure”, is very much a personal thing. The video is 3 1/2 minutes … Continue reading

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Wanderer of the Skies 1-12-12…”What must come to pass is presently being discussed at the highest levels of your world governments”

There is much I could discuss here, but I feel the highlights and the quotes below summarize the highest points in my mind, in particular the last one. Remember that we are ALL a part of this process. We are … Continue reading

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Steve Beckow…”Dashed Expectations, Discouragement, and Snapback: Predictors, Take Note”

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This article by Steve sums up rather nicely what I am sure many have felt about Disclosure, the Galactic Federation (and their plan for “Salvation and Remediation”), and so on. Myself, I was in the midst of some of those … Continue reading

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From MY Coffee Shop…and Steve’s Elephant…

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I had intended to go to Java on the Rock this morning, but did not come to pass. It has been raining this morning and you can see some out there over the ocean. So I opened my own coffee … Continue reading

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This is why Obama is here…Planet Earth Transition…this is a World Address…

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These videos are of President Obama’s speech today (2/11/11) about events in Egypt. The first video below I was alerted to as I am a subscriber to the “ufosindeutschland” YouTube page. I enjoyed this presentation of Mr. Obama’s speech about … Continue reading

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Alpha Spaceship! Allow me to tell you briefly something about what we know will take place…

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This post from Alpha Spaceship English, by Kris Won, was “stolen” from Steve’s website. But I post it here because this part of it resonated with me, and with what is going on now, and where we are headed as … Continue reading

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You Must Listen to this Call…

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I do not say this lightly. This call presents a most clear description about what is happening worldwide right now, and some of the key parts of history that has led us to this point. I do not personally know … Continue reading

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New Energies Opening…with Clarity, Audacity, and Abundance…

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As I write this piece today, at 1:46 PM, Hawaii time, I am watching news coverage of the demonstrations in Cairo, Egypt. (okay I admit it…I do watch TV sometimes as I write these posts). There will be more regarding … Continue reading

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David Wilcock: Disclosure…at Critical Mass…

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It is now 1 AM HST. I would be asleep by now, normally, but I have been reading David’s latest article. So I link you to his latest article page, and give a snip from the article. It is astoundingly … Continue reading

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John Glenn Discloses UFO Presence on 2001 “Frasier” Show… (and a few more Astronaut-ical Tales)

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This is a bit off my “beaten” path, but I was exploring some pages on David Wilcock’s site, DivineCosmos.com, and I found this page about a “Frasier” show, on which Senator (astronaut) John Glenn had appeared. I was perked, for … Continue reading

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SaLuSa 29-December-2010 (hold on to your hats…even if you don’t wear a hat…)

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Okay, normally I may not publish other peoples writings, as they often appear elsewhere, but in this case I make an exception. First off, it’s 12:39 AM Hawaii time, so likely I get to be the first in the US … Continue reading

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