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Three Videos that Illuminate… from iPOT, the McFiles, and David Harris, Jr. (8-13-19, 8-14-19, 8-15-19)

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These three videos each had something that “rung the bell” (for myself), and I felt should be shared on the blog. My comment(s) are above each video. A Tale of 3 Houses – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 8.14.19… … Continue reading

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Mark Dice and David Harris talk about the WhiteHouse Social Media Event of 7-11-19

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I actually watched most of the full event yesterday (a bit long and winding). But the two short Mark Dice and David Harris videos tell what they each got from the conference, and I found informative and entertaining. The main … Continue reading

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David J. Harris, Jr. 2-5-19… “My Take on the SOTU!!!” (and don’t you love his enTHUSiasm!!

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Well, I’m likely not going to post too many (none) of the msm “blah blah blah” reactions to the SOTU, but I just saw this one, and I absolutely love and FEEL David’s enthusiasm for what happened in the SOTU. … Continue reading

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A Couple of “Border related” and “Possibly people waking up” VIDEOS

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The first one is about people (students) being waked up to the fact that the (horrible, racist, mysogynist, blahblahblah-ist) statements made about the border wall “by Trump” are really from Obama, Schumer, and Hillary. Fun to watch, and to see … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Protesting at the Kavanaugh hearing? Guess again… Visual Evidence of Protestor being paid by a Soros-funded group

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All part of the circus. I’m well aware that George Soros, via various “social justice” (etc.) organizations, funds people to “protest”. I’m sure there are other articles about this, but this one by David Harris, Jr., sums it up directly, … Continue reading

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