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#QAnon #Q Post #1830 (8-9-18)… “THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. (888) 373-7888″ (which just happens to be the number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline)

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[Update: according to one Twitter follower, “The hot line was a trap to send the slaves back to slavery no help just a beating so it would never happen again. The Clinton foundation was a Slavery foundation”. Perhaps that is … Continue reading

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Grand Torino / InfoWars News 3-17-18… “Jerome Corsi, Charles Ortel, with Grand Torino”… “All about the Clinton Foundation”

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This group call was run by “Grand Torino“, a citizen journalist in Ireland. I’ve been listening to this explanation of the operations of the Clinton Foundation, and the key statement for me, from Charles Ortel , from is below (at … Continue reading

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Alex Jones 3-17-18… “The McCabe Firing” (and other items) (and a note of Hope) [TWO VIDEOS]

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As some I’m sure know, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired on Friday. Although I personally have no investment in thsi, it is apparently the “spark” which is going to start a major unveiling of a variety of … Continue reading

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Kp Message 1-13-18… “‘Getting’ the Whole Picture”

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This is not going to be about presenting any details and data about all the things that are being revealed, unveiled, apocalypsed, about and all around a) this planet, b) this galaxy, c) this Cosmos, d) the situation in the … Continue reading

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George Webb and Rebekah Roth… “Two of the Unveilers and Unravelers of the Seth Rich, Clinton Foundation, et al., deals”

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Okay, I’m posting two videos here. As far as “the unraveling” (of the “cabal”, “dark ones”, etc., agendas), these two seem to be on the front lines. George Webb has been mentioned from time to time by Jordan Sather, and … Continue reading

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More data on that “(in-) Famous Benenson ‘Salvage Program’ Report”, thanks to Dr. Salla…

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[…and it also points out why I’ll likely never be a politician, political analyst, exo-political analyst, or part of a political think tank (like Benenson).] [For more information, please read Dr. Salla’s full article about this.] Related to this prior … Continue reading

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Sputnik News 8-14-16… “Multiple FBI Criminal Probes of Clinton Foundation Despite Obama, DOJ Objections”

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Well, I suppose things like this were bound to happen. According to Ben Fulford (and some others, I suppose), the Clinton’s (particularly their foundation) are not exactly clean and clear and all for the upliftment of humanity. “Multiple investigations by … Continue reading

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