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Mike Adams, Natural News 6-1-17… “The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE against plants, forests and all life on our planet” (plus one more article and a video)

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As I understand it, particularly via David Wilcock’s research, there is indeed global warming, but not due to CO2 emissions or anything like that. We are passing through an energy cloud, along with all of the other solar system planets. … Continue reading

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We’re out, baby!! (from that Paris Accord deal)… “President Trump Makes a Statement Regarding the Paris Accord” (6-1-17)

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All I will say here is that “This is BIG!!” Another nail in the coffin of the cabal (globalists, NWO types, dark ones). First withdrawal from the TPP, and now this. I’ve not had a chance (or desire) to read … Continue reading

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Dan Lyman, InfoWars.com 3-17-17… “Trump Budget Director: ‘We’re Not Spending Money On Climate Change Anymore’”

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All I feel like saying about this is, “It’s about time!!” This “climate change” business has opened up so much spending for the “climate change” corporations, et al, that it is great to see it being brought to a stop. … Continue reading

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Jon Rappoport 2-6-17… “Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science”

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This JR article goes along with a recent Kp blog post about “climate change”. As I understand, yes, there is some warming, but it’s happening to all planets. “A highly respected, medal-winning climate scientist [John Bates] just wound up and … Continue reading

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