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Clif High on the Greg Hunter show 3-4-17… “Chaos Starts Middle of March”

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[Kp note: I just noticed Clif’s logo, which appears to be a crow. Kind of aligns with all the recent posts from Crowcaws.com. First time I recall seeing that logo. I like it!] [And about halfway through there is a … Continue reading

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“Sort of US-election-related” post 3 of 4… “Clif High on USA Watchdog.com with data on the Elections, the economy, and other things”

https://youtu.be/c4ULa63HbNA [Kp update: there’s another video on this channel with Catherine Austin-Fitts which I’m also finding very informative. Click here.] There’s a variety of informations here, and I’ve found it fascinating to listen to. This is from a USAWatchdog.com article, … Continue reading

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Clif High 3-9-12…”Conceptual context threshold”

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This is a post by Clif High from today (found it at RMN), and his view about the release of the video in the last post. He views the release of the video thusly (and I believe when he says … Continue reading

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[Comments Closed] KONY 2012… Invisible Children… and Clif High…

This has become too much right now. There is enough challenge to this video, that I am taking it off now. Click here or click the photo upper left if you want to be directed to the video. In the … Continue reading

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Webbot Clif High of HalfPartHuman on Veritashow, 6-10-11

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I am not a promoter of any one source of information. But I have always enjoyed reading Clif High’s webbot prognostications, “The Shape of Things to Come“. He says this about the process he uses. “We employ a technique based … Continue reading

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