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BPEarthwatch video 7-26-18… “Clown-Mageddon/Pt. 2/To Kill A Mockingbird”

I don’t recall exactly what I found helpful in this short video, but I did find it helpful. I believe it was mainly about continuing unveiling of the media. . https://youtu.be/grecCva0074 Published on Jul 26, 2018 Mocking Bird is The … Continue reading

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Related to #QAnon #Q Post 1339… Reddit post of 5-10-18… “The long and secret info wars against Q and how he stayed alive. You really need to know this and move on.”

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This is related to the previous post. And I can see that it may be an excellent illustration of how “Disinfo sowing” can work. Especially regarding Alex Jones, it may also be an illustration of a phrase I sometimes use, … Continue reading

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Gordon Duff VT 1-22-15… “Fiasco Paris II: The Wrong Car Gambit”

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To me, this is hilarious!! And why it’s great to have so many “exposers” out there, like BPEarthWatch who point these discrepancies out. Here’s a link to Citroen, should you wish to explore. ————————————————————- Fiasco Paris II: The Wrong Car … Continue reading

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