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What People IMAGINE the Hawaii Lava flows look like, vs. What they REALLY look like!!

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. [Kp add-on note: even the graphic does not depict precisely where the flow is now, as it is currently going into the ocean.] ] Finally I found this as I’ve been looking for it all day. Thanks to Slim … Continue reading

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Kilauea Eruption Update 5-24-18… “Two more Amazing Illustrations of Pele’s beauty and power”

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These are from Big Island Video News (my personal favorite for viewing fact-based information about the eruption, without the MSM media “hype” about it). Holy crap… look at those plumes! So beautiful and so illustrative of Pele’s Spirit, encompassing destruction, … Continue reading

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Four Videos reflecting the Sacredness of this island… Videos 2-4… “The Honoring of Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea)”

These three are testimonies from Big Island kahuna before (I believe) Office of Mauna Kea management (OMKM), who are putting together new “rules” for improved “management” of Mauna Kea. That, to me, is another way of saying, “When anything goes … Continue reading

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Four Videos reflecting the Sacredness of this island… Video 1… “The Magnificence of Pele”

The title is different from what I wrote, I know. But it is quite an excellent overview from a scientific perspective about the current Kilauea eruption. The collection of video images here is astoundingly beautiful (to me, at least), and … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org 5-15-18… “Hawaii Volcanic Eruption Intentionally Triggered to Generate Massive Tsunami?”

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Thanks to the 3,647,796 people who alerted me to this article and/or other links that implied this might be what’s going on with Kilauea. After reading this, and seeing all the connections, what Dr. Salla describes is a definite possible … Continue reading

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Yes, there’s shaking and rolling and flowing going on over here…

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. I’m just posting a couple screenshots of the USGS and a link to the video I just uploaded. Also there is an article at KHON2 which I post the link below, which has more information. Magnitude 6.9 earthquake recorded … Continue reading

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Pele is moving!! … Several 5-3-18 videos and article about the Lava breakouts at East Hawaii Island

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[Update 2302 HST: here is a video with a nice drone view of the newer breakouts, from BIVN.] Pele’s moving, baby! East Hawaii island is expereincing lava breakouts in a neighborhood called “Leilani Estates”. It’s pretty spectacular. The first video … Continue reading

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Goode Vlog 5-28-17… “Goode Adventure in Hawaii March 2017 – Corey Goode Inner Earth Q&A”

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Just found this at SBA FB page. I’ve watched about half of it so far, and it is beautifully assembled, with beautiful, warm music. Very professionally assembled. I had tears in my eyes as I watched Corey and family flying … Continue reading

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Big Island Video News 3-19-16… “VIDEO: 8 Years of Volcanic Activity At Kilauea Summit” (and an excellent way to view what Pele has been up to)

https://youtu.be/JbG2X_PfHpg [Update: two posts related to this… post 1, post 2.] About one year ago, things began building up at Halema’uma’u, until in April, 2015, the lava spilled out of the Overlook crater (vent). To me, this meant that a … Continue reading

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Come to the Big Island for Fun and Snow!!

From Big Island Video News. http://youtu.be/KLg8nngGzAo http://youtu.be/5mRUxfGIheg

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Okay, “Everybody’s” Talking about it… “Puna area on Hawaii Island shaken by mysterious force”… And a Significant Movement of Energies…

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[UPDATE 2-23-12 1320 HST: Braco, the gazing healer, was here on the Big Island Feb. 17-19. Here is a comment from Suzanne Rose (mahalo!): “AWESOME… I find it also ‘interesting’ that Braco, the energetic gazer, was on the island last … Continue reading

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“The Man in the Street Tells It Like It Is” (from 2012 Scenario), and “Hawaii rallies behind Occupy Wall Street”

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This first video was taken from Steve’s site (click here). And the second shows that many folks here on the Big Island (and the rest of Hawaii) are awake and aware and understand, perhaps, that we are all in this … Continue reading

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