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Now… that Bankers’ Video (mentioned in the “Galactic Soap Operas” post)…

Thanks to Sally (of Kona) for this one, forwarded to me by Beverly. Still asking, “Where’s all the arrests?” Well, you may want to watch this collection of arrests reports on TV from around the world. 15 minutes long, one … Continue reading

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American Kabuki Update… “594 Banker Resignations as of 4-14-12”

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Well, if you want a break from reading David Wilcock’s latest (Liens), or Drake’s last interview, maybe you’d enjoy reading through the entire list of American Kabuki’s latest compilation. It’s up to 594 right now. Of course, surely there are … Continue reading

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American Kabuki Reports… Bank Resignations up to 450!!!

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What else can we say about this? This report may well be something to pass along to folks who may be unaware of what is happening. Again we say, “Great job, American Kabuki!” Here’s the link to the latest batch. … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs, the Resignation, Greg Giles Comment, and an “Alien from Mars”… Disclosure by Evidence-Collecting by “the Galactic Commands”?

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Was not going to post much today. But when I saw these items, I felt moved to put them up here, together. This Goldman Sachs item feels very significant to me, somehow. All over the news, internet, MSM, RMN, ETC. … Continue reading

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Interesting Graphs related to the “254 Resignations From World Banks, et al.”

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Okay, from the American Kabuki home page, they pointed to this Japanese website, with all these great graphs. I’m just posting the graphs. And apparently they were only up to 236 resignations when they made these. .

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3-11-12 American Kabuki…”254 Resignations From World Banks, Investment Houses, Money Funds”

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Found this originally at 2012 Scenario. What a party! Read for yourself. Mahalo American Kabuki! http://americankabuki.blogspot.com.au/p/131-resignations-from-world-banks.html

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Speaking of Resignations… American Kabuki’s List is Up to 177…

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Okay, it’s up to 177 on the American Kabuki resignation scale. I’m just going to post the link. http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/p/131-resignations-from-world-banks.html But I will say, I was particularly surprised by the last on the list, “Mongol Bank President Submits Resignation.” Namely, I … Continue reading

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Well, It’s Now up to “153 Resignations From World Banks, Investment Houses, Money Funds”

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Thanks to this link from American Kabuki (found this at RMN; thank you RMN!), we see that the mass resignations continue, and the list grow and grows. ————————————————————————— Updated 3/7/12 Huge amount of resignations today. Special thanks to Gabriel of … Continue reading

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Okay, a Short, Link-Filled, “What Resignations and Arrests have just Happened?” Post…

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[UPDATED 3-4-12 2245 HST: Added a link to an article and video that may lend some credence to the “Timothy Geithner was detained” story. Also see this recent Ben Fulford interview] [UPDATE 3-5-12 0650 HST: Apologies to all: The video … Continue reading

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2-27-12…”81 Resignations From World Banks” (and 12 from just today), from American Kabuki

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Well, here’s that broken piggy bank again. This time it’s a big one. This list from American Kabuki has an extensively documented and categorized list of these resignations. 12 of them are from today’s news. I don’t know who American … Continue reading

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One More, for Fun, with a Pun… “Massive Resignations Have Started”

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Here’s that broken piggy bank again! Well, if you are slightly addicted to bank resignations, or if reading about them really “fire’s you up,” here’s one more link that lists most of the ones reported here, along with a few … Continue reading

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