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A Couple of 2-10-17 Lada Ray’s, 2 of 2… “Deja Vu: Putin’s iconic 2007 Munich speech. Everything he warned about is coming true!”

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I viewed this entire 1/2 hour video… and found it refreshingly predictive. According to this, Mr. Putin had called them all out way back in 2007. Please note that she currently has a reader poll asking for input about topics … Continue reading

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“Thank God for the Geek” Alert 1 of 2… RT 6-14-15… “‘Trojan Horse’ in Bundestag: Merkel’s computer reportedly spread virus in German parliament”

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A couple of posts I just noticed, this being the first. In my mind, it’s a time to “be grateful for the geeks”. Clearly, many are working towards helping expose, change, and/or collapse, old paradigm systems of “keeping track of … Continue reading

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Related to the Latest Ben Fulford Posts… BRICS Post 1-7-15… “German-Russian-French-Ukrainian joint document in the works”

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Okay, I could also have posted any one of a number of articles that appeared about this at, say, Pravda, RT, Sputnik, TASS. Check them all out if you wish. Bottom line, my sense is, there is something REALLY BIG … Continue reading

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