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SerialBrain2, 5-24-19… “Pelosi Stammers through News Conference. The End is Near. Enjoy the Show”

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This is the second (the more recent one) of the two links which I posted here, and which I just felt were very much “worth” posting in full. This one in particular has some striking points, particularly in regard to … Continue reading

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And We Know VIDEO 4-8-19… “SerialBrain2: The Adam Schiff Problem”

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A new video by And We Know (Bitchute channel) covering the most recent SB2 post. I’m not posting the full article (yet), but below is the linked title to that article: The Adam Schiff Problem [Kp note: Personally, I find … Continue reading

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SerialBrain2, 2-13-19… “Trump’s Secret Message from El Paso: The Pieces of the Puzzle” (and why, with “The Wall”, “We are in Exopolitics territory”)

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[Kp update 2: And We Know just produced a video about this SB2.] [Kp update 1: here is a direct link to the Tweet by DJT (2-3-19) where he writes, “Human Trafficking, Drugs and Criminals of all dimensions – KEEP … Continue reading

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SerialBrain2, 2-7-19… “Trump’s SOTU Address: an amazing speech, a necklace and a secret in plain sight”

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This new SerialBrain2 post just came to my attention via my viewing an AndWeKnow video. Another powerfully unveiling message. And an indication that Nancy Pelosi may be sending codes as well. Also the use of Roger Stone as “sacrificial lamb” … Continue reading

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Masterful Trolling of the deep state, 1-17-19… “Donald Trump says ‘NO’ to Nancy Pelosi’s trip (on US military aircraft)”

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I saw this early AM, and it really didn’t hit me how “masterful” of a trolling of the deep state this was. Then I saw a Natashs V. video about it, which really hit the same points I “got” from … Continue reading

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Two Hilarious Videos showing the “Dissolving” of the Deep State (many of whom carry the label, “Democrat”)”

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Currently there is a grand exposure (apocalypse) going on of those who are standing in the way of the “take down” of the so-called “Deep State”. Apocalypses abound, and all contradictions are being pointed out. Remember that all are playing … Continue reading

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