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A Praying Medic Tweet (11-2-19) re: new Q posts & an iPOT 11-3-19 VIDEO with possibilities about “RIG FOR RED”

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Related to this prior Kp blog post, these were kind of fascinating for myself, especially the iPOT video where he goes into the “Rig for Red” phrase at about 7-8 minutes. Let’s continue to “Enjoy the Show”!! Praying Medic Tweet … Continue reading

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#Q #QAnon is dropping again! (11-2-19) and #8Kun (#8chan) is back up!!… “RIG FOR RED”

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[Kp note 11-3-19: Praying Medic Tweeted that “Someone posted test messages on /qresearch/ using Q’s most recent trip code from 8chan. So far, no relevant information, only tests. I have no way to confirm that it’s Q. I’m going to … Continue reading

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