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Via RMN 9-21-19… “HOLLYWOOD Insider” 4CHAN: “QANON Has Been Tearing Through Hollywood, It’s Over”…

Happened to notice this at RMN, and checked a bit further into the 4Chan link. https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/227362171/hollywood-insider-here If you search for H/MI4zJY, that, apparently, is “Hollywood Insider” (HI). Fascinating information. It could indicate that the “Q movement” has indeed struck deeply … Continue reading

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David Wilcock Updates on his 10-22-17 article…

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These were posted at the end of Part 4. As before, I’m only posting the text, but please view the images by going to the original. “[quoting Fulford] One senior Pentagon source who has been consistently reliable in the past … Continue reading

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The Latest “4Chan archive” (10-16-17) as posted by David Wilcock (with a Kp highlight or two)

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These have been posted as highlighted by DW from his latest article, part 4. I’ve highlighted a couple of bits that stood out for me, especially as it points to the value of having the DJT (aka, Trump, and the … Continue reading

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David Wilcock 10-22-17… “Something Very Big is Coming, Part II: Is Wikileaks About to Drop the Nuke?”

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Just saw this via JW’s FB post (mahalo, Joan!). This is apparently a big one (now, let me read this thing before I post the article!). David said in his FB post, Drop everything and RUN to read this RIGHT … Continue reading

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Sather Illumination Channel (aka, “Destroying the Illusion”) 10-8-17… “The Calm Before the Storm”

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Another excellent teaching and illumination video by Jordan. Related to some of what he mentions (namely, the title, “Calm before the Storm”), is this RMN post about a 4chan poster called MegaAnon. I’ll say nothing more about that right now, … Continue reading

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