Many of you have kindly written me or asked how to contribute to the work that is this blog. I have said that my Guidance is to keep the blog free for all to read, anytime, anyplace. That is the way it is, and that is the way it will remain.

Of course all of us (most of us, at least, including me) have bills to pay and all. I am not a money-focused (or trained) person. I live very simply, and do the best I know how with the money I occasionally receive. So…

If you do feel you would like to assist, here are a few ways you may do so.

  1. Make a donation via Paypal. Go to, click Personal, then Transfer, Send Someone Money. Fill in the information, and put “” in the “To” field.
  2. Make a donation via any page at (my music business) Click the “Donate” button on lower left side of any page. Then follow instructions.
  3. Check out the music (my music) at CDs page. You may click on any CD and check out samples from each track. If you enjoy the music, feel free to order 1 or more.
  4. Send a check, money order, cash (or other payment form) to: Let Your Joy Shine Productions, PO Box 390711, Keauhou, HI 96739 (checks, etc., payable to, “Let Your Joy Shine Productions”)
  5. Fly to the Big Island of Hawaii and hire me (Kauwila, aka Kauilapele) to play at your wedding, commitment ceremony, or sunset by the ocean on the beach with your feet in the sand relaxation party!

As I always encourage, please follow your Guidance. Any thing you do, even sending Light and Love this way, and throughout the planet, will help lift us all up.


For those who might ask, here are a couple of recent comments about my music.

“Thank you for the beautiful music. It’s very soothing. I just wanted to let you know how beautiful it is. I look forward to being in Hawaii again & hopefully will be able to hear you live.

“Thanks for taking me to the islands even if I live in the mountains & it’s cold now! Julia”

“amazing music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just had to tell you that i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your music! it is divine (and earthly)…the joining of heaven and earth. DREAMY!!! i’m very impressed. i used to live in hawaii, and i love all forms of ancient/tribal (etc.) music, it just stirs me. but the stirring i felt with this was even more intense, and the memories of the spirit of that magic place were spilling from your voice and instruments. magic!!!

“thank you!!! christy”


[Kp note; If there would ever be an abundance of donations, etc., above and beyond personal needs, my intention is for the extra to be donated to other Light Workers, or people who may be in need of temporary assistance.]