About this Blog…and Me…

140411_kp_mauna_kea_P1010046_240_3Welcome to my blog, Kauilapele’s Blog…

This blog is intended to share some of the “things” I am “getting” from moment to moment, as energies change or move or talk to me, as well as items that may be useful to some of you as we move towards the Golden Age. I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet, currently in Hawai’i, to assist in humanity’s ascension process and help bring about the New Earth. My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai’i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to the mainland US, Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids), and Turtle Island (in 2013) (see my YouTube page).

I am hoping that some of these items may assist a few people on their own spiritual paths.

I play Hawaiian slack key guitar and sing Hawaiian music in various locations on the Big Island, especially farmers markets. My music website is http://letyourjoyshine.com. I also possess a PhD in organic chemistry, which comes in handy when I want to brew a really delicious cup of Kona Coffee…

Anyway, let’s have a fun ride together!!


What this Blog is NOT About…

Just as a note to some who see and/or read this blog, much of what I present here will not have a “sensible” appearance. Some of you know that I have an advanced degree or two in science (chemistry), where logic and planned research and analysis are king, and where publications usually contain numerous references to previously published literature. And that is great…

HOWEVER, I also possess a love and talent in the artistic endeavors of music, so I am a musician, a guitarist, a vocalist, writer, recording artist (check it out). In that aspect of my life, the results often do not arise from an organized plan. Most of those who have performed or played music, know that the creation of music is different. You allow yourself to be open to whatever “comes in”, get out of the way of the music, and allow it to flow through you. Then melodies and rhythms come through naturally. Jean Pierre Rampal said it something like this, “I perform best when I forget that I am performing.”

So what this blog NOT about is the former. It is definitely more of the latter than the former. It is a flow. It is going to come through often just as a flow, un-”organized”, and just describing how I feel at the moment, and written as the flow is going on. It may make “sense”, but then again, as Spirit often comes through, in rather “cryptic” ways, it may make “NO sense”.

And that’s why it’s so much fun!


“This is Why I am Here”… and…”This is NOT Why I am Here”

I am here for one thing… to bring Light to this planet.

I am NOT here to try to prove I am right.
I am NOT here to try to prove anyone else is right.
I am NOT here to try to prove anything to anyone.
I am NOT here to try to prove anything.

I am here for one thing… to bring Light to this planet.

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  2. Byron Barber says:

    Dear Kauila,

    I remember you from Galactic Roundtable with Mark Huber, Tara & Rama. I sure miss your excellent commentary on Talkshoe radio. I was saddened to hear about Mark’s health condition but I understand he is doing much better. I wish you all the best in all your endeavors and ascension. I will bookmark your site for future viewings and your excellent commentary.
    Best of Luck Always,

    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you Byron.

    • Rudy says:

      greetings, Kauilapele…

      i’ve been following your blog til recent and have felt compelled to write this to you… I know that your blog is mostly other people’s news feed so this is not about you although you are a conduit. Have you really asked how credible your re-post are ?(yes, i know you a ‘caveat’ of sorts). Seriously…. with all the stuff that you attempt to share concerning ascension and all, I think its time you shared your truth about this stuff you are sharing…. Maybe you’ve been for others to help you out with these questions ( i don’t know) but i get the sense that you don’t trust some of your postings (are your suspicions are probably correct) so why not go out and certify your position. I find it hard to watch all these believers follow like sheep. Being a ‘believer’ is not the same as ‘knowing’ something.

      Think about, children are given belief-systems until their rational mind kicks in, then Santa (satan) or the easter bunny looses its pathos for children once their critical faculty is activated. I had been following your blog for some time waiting, like a child amongst so many other people hearing the same “notion”, over and over again… (not long now, just another day, week, month, year….) In that meantime, I had already been doing much research about “commerce and status” and discovered some very pertinent things about how the holographic system operates from the commercial angle. I learnt about the “legal-person” (the persona, the actor) and how the corporations (ie; corporate-state; United States, or Canada, Germany…etc) was committing the theft of people’s trust through probate court and also how the legislations and what is known as law were two different things. Essentially I saw that people in general have the means to correct their status begin to actually re-shift the balance of power but the media was totally designed to keep this self-executing administrative procedure from ever happening. As I look at so many weblinks that promote other people’s agenda’s a sense of worry falls over me….

      Kauilapele, in earnest, do you know what you are doing by promoting all these view points with doing your own scholarly work yourself? Its totally pathetic (from the word pathos; to be highly emotional) and without a sense of reason to help your audience move out and gather their own wits. You need to encourage people to seek out truth themselves through other cultures instead of this rotten-media-based-cultural of european liars and their co-conspirators.

      A month ago, I discovered a very interesting video about ‘actors’, professional actors for that matter that would blow your mind. These videos are now just catching some momentum.

      if it stricks you, watch them all before you make your comments… this is mostly for all the people who come to your blog… I think they deserve better and a way to make their own comparison.

      Of course your thoughts will matter (to your audience). Perhaps you are not ready for the truth, maybe… (i don’t know). I learnt that enlightenment is when you find out ITS ALL A LIE.

      You have been posting several articles of agent-liars. Of course that is to be expected in this game of high deception… You have a duty and I’m asking you consider it, in earnest. Before you really post these articles, start doing your own homework because so far, what you have shames the lives of so many people lost in your naive-nice-ness.

      PS: ‘nice’ is etymologically defined as “STUPID, IGNORANT for which I assume that you are NOT. Do your ancestors some good and provide your own REASON for your post. People who know whats going on do pop by this site for a good laugh, strictly due to to mis-information. I wish you luck in your journey.

      From your higher self.

      • The Grinch who stole your x-mas! says:

        Finally somebody who gets it! There is no Love and Light Galactic PLEIADIANS coming to rescue your butts from the evil Reptilians, & you’re not going ascend to the forth, fifth, or sixth dimension in 2012 period! So just get that out of your mind now & or yea stop channeling demons! Btw There is also no “White Dragon Society” fighting the evil baby eating “Illuminati” to rescue us all & “Anonymous ” is dead they killed him and a few of his buds last week!!! These are all elaborate schemes to control all four sides of the coin!

        • kauilapele says:

          Almost everyone who reads this blog would disagree with that, for sure. We look at it from the side of Light, and not the side of darkness. People have prophesied doom and destruction for centuries, and it has never happened. And those of us who have tried to look at life in the way you describe, through upbringing or their own experiences, eventually get the results of that in their lives. Many of our collective butts were burned by addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc., and some of those, including myself, turned to something we called a “Higher Power”, and discovered that we could recover from that seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, and to us, that Higher Power is REAL. It has transformed us.

          Whether you see it or not, there IS a Power Greater than Ourselves that is working for us, no matter what anyone calls it. And it DOES mean that we are responsible for aligning ourselves with that idea. And life is a hell of a lot better for all of us who did that.

          One day you may see this the same way, maybe not.

          But thank you for your comment, because it helps everyone here to look inside and see if they really BELIEVE this stuff, or not. And, yes, we COULD be all nuts. That’s the fun of it. But at least we’re having fun!

  3. Donna Skinner says:

    Hi! I also remember you from Mark Huber’s work and I am glad to be in touch with you.

    Keep on ‘keeping on’ brother. It sounds like things are starting to happen.

    Thanks for all you do.


  4. cat says:

    Bucky Fuller wrote a book of poetry, prose or two – it’s a gift to have a balance so innately given you share and enjoy…and help others understand ‘the secret’ – we’re all guessing LOL and it’s
    all about love.

  5. wendy moose says:

    Thank you for your “perfect” website! You and I are on the very same wavelength and it is very uplifting and validating to my awareness to visit your website.

  6. Tomi says:

    Hi! Thank you for your great work! I like your postings very much. They are always inspiring. I don’t like visiting conspiracy sites anymore beacauce of all that doom and gloom. I like to visit sites like yours, which are full of light and positive energy.

  7. Hello Kauilapele,
    I just wanted to say thanks. Although I arrived here via a search for Mr. Fulford, I am staying… for all the other great content.
    Dave Klausler

  8. Willi Paul says:

    Will pass the Light on!

  9. sandi says:

    Dearest Kauilapele (‘heart’emoticon?)
    I commented to you haha, I thought, but it came up in one of the other peoples articles.
    I will try to forward it to yours?

  10. sandi says:

    Here is the original that got missent?
    I guess I should have tried to email?????

    Is it “normal” to be clumsy, have a sore throat start-really scratchy- and last for 21/2 hours, slightly irritable (because of clumsiness), hot feeling, and numerous other ‘complaints’?
    I am trying to attribute it to the higher energies, but it is hard!
    Even my cats are acting weird!
    I had something else to add, but—-I am 71 and the memory doesn’t last very long.
    (It seemed important at the time?)
    I will comment back if I can remember it?
    I have no Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc. accounts.
    sandi says:
    July 11, 2011 at 11:22

    This was supposed to be an email to Kauipele, what happened?
    sandi says:
    July 11, 2011 at 11:24

    OOps, sorry, spelling very wrong!

  11. Im-u-a Tahuna says:

    Aloha, I am a Kona boy my-self & would like to meet with you to discuss collaborative possibilities in the manifestation of our pursuit of a more heavenly reality. I am unfortunately not going to be back until December. May I contact you? If so, how?

  12. Robert Hopson says:

    KAUILA, I look forward to your comments and your musings. Having visited essentially all the Islands except Lanai and Ni’ihau I have found that “I” has started to appear more and more in your blogs. Having lived on Kauai for about three years after Iniki and camping on the Cliffs above Awa’awapuhi coming to know and feel the Vibrations of the Spirits that flow throughout the Islands I would appreciate your joining “All of Us as One” in what is taking place right at this moment. I believe you will understand what I AM saying.


  13. Steven says:

    Kauila – I don’t see a place to send information to you on here or email address, so I shared the info regarding the upcoming worldwide meditation 7/28 (it’s in Oahu), in these comments, but it was taken down?

    I don’t work for MedMob.org, but believe in what they are doing. The intention is to create an environment for people from all walks of life to come together. By exposing people to meditation through public display of meditation and sending positive intentions out into the world we can lead by example. Simple acts stimulate major paradigm shifts in thinking. Between Noon and 1 pm, we will be sitting in silent meditation all over The World.

  14. Kauila – I left a comment on here yesterday about the upcoming worldwide meditation but it was taken down? I didn’t see a way to contact you directly via email or otherwise, so i shared it here, since there is a location in Oahu for people to participate. I don’t work for MedMob.org, but believe in the the mission.

    The intention is to create an environment for people from all walks of life to come together. By exposing people to meditation through public display of meditation and sending positive intentions out into the world we can lead by example. Simple acts can stimulate major paradigm shifts in thinking. Between Noon and 1 pm, we will be sitting in silent meditation all over The World.

  15. akcmails says:

    Dear Kauila,
    Thanks for all your work.
    It would be nice if the complete article is received as rss feeds.Presently I recieve only the 4 lines of an article in Google Reader.

  16. Joshua Alicea says:

    Hello Kauilapele!!! I just wanna say thank you soo much for your valuable insight and enlightening soueces of knowledge! Your blog posts provide stimulation to an ever expanding mind who craves this kinda stuff! I always visit each day with excitement!
    Oh! I also had a question! I found these 2 videos on youtube that feature this teenager who knows quite a lot and in very intuitive. I was wondering if you might consider adding these 2 videos onto your blog in support if this young man’s messages. It’s suprisingly common-sensical what this kid says. The links are here:

    The 1st video is titled “Message to the World” and the second being “Education:WHat are we doing?”. I am very eager to spread knowledge and truth to the world about these 2 videos and I am wondering if you can help me since you have quite a lot of influence with your blog posts. lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message, and I am grateful to you always for your blog. NAMASTE

  17. awesome blog! love it!

  18. sentintel says:


    Do you have contact with non-material world?

  19. sentintel says:

    I really I need help and I cant connect with my spirit guide.I practiced rebirthing and I have done something to myself.My right leg hand and right side of face become tight.My head started to shake. My stomach falls in.Person who teach me rebirthing dosent know that is happening.

    I cant medidate

    I need heelp I`m thinking about suicide

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Rebirthing-Breathwork is a breathing technique that claims to heal suppressed emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, etc. It shares a common belief with various other therapies called Rebirthing, with both groups believing that human birth is a traumatic event[citation needed] and that reviewing or revisiting this event, in some way, can have therapeutic benefits. However, the actual techniques utilized in Rebirthing-breathwork are quite different from those used by these therapies. Also, rebirthing-breathwork claims that it can heal suppressed emotions regardless at what point in one’s life they became suppressed.

  20. John Fricker says:

    Those who are guided by the light are increasing in numbers around our world. Light workers come in many forms but with one main goal: to raise the positive energy of our planet, and of all animate and inanimate forms that reside here. We are all in the process of transcending into the Golden Age. Many names, many faces, all speak the same message. One of those that speak the protected truth is Keylontic Science. Your inner feelings, intuition, and higher self, will not fail you as you peruse its message.

  21. Kauilapele

    Love your daily spiritual “roundup”, your page is one of my new favorites, been going to “lightworkers.org” for a long time, my discrimination picks up on the same bits as you, God, what great times we live in to witness!!

    • kauilapele says:

      Mahalo for your enjoyment… Its great we have a lot of sources of information. Thank you for coming to this site, and for sharing.

  22. Cherily says:

    The War You Don’t See – by John Pilger – September 5, 2011
    This 1 hr 36′ 42″ movie was uploaded by tashjunior on Jun 14, 2011 is hidden by Corporate Media from US residents, most probably NOT in the theater near you.

  23. Trent says:

    Found you through Steve Beckow’s site – love your page! great daily-visit :) thanks much for your work!

  24. I came across your website several weeks ago… not sure of who or what site directed me here… because I simply don’t remember. When I read you post today… September 8. 2011… I was surprised to find a reference to your back-pain!
    I, too, have been experiencing severe back-pain, my Self… for the last two days. I never get sick… may take an aspirin ONCE a year… but, truthfully, I have NEVER felt anything like this before.

    (Houston, Texas)

  25. 1600 Watch says:

    Thank you. Your thought process, or should I say lack thereof is refreshing to say the least. Our world could use more of you.
    Thanks again.
    Bruce K.

    P.S. I am adding a link to your blog at my http://www.1600watch.com site, which is very political with a focus on individual freedom. If you would prefer I don’t add the link, please just let me know – I understand. My views on freedom are somewhat intolerant of compromise and can be disturbing for some.

  26. I hope this New Earth happen someday. I feel both desperate and hopeful. The times seem to be worth than ever, but maybe this is what it takes to change a system that was stupidly thought to run without nature’s call. This blog is one piece of the puzzle. Thanks.

  27. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the blog – it is so good to see the positive news coming thru and confirms what I’m feeling too! Another one I got today is from Mahala @ http://blog.mahalasastrology.com/
    which adds some more interesting info to the mix as well as confirming what others are saying…
    Blessings to you,

  28. Dear Kauilapele,

    Thank you for this blog and keeping me informed so well.
    We’re obviously on the same wave here, because you can describe exactly what I’m feeling and thinking with my heart :)

    Martin H., the Netherlands

  29. Kathy says:

    Another great Matthew message came out today too…
    Enjoy your travels!

  30. Judy Lampros says:

    Aloha! Here is a link to an article I believe you’ll want to share. I was fortunate enough to visit with “Max” the crystal skull when he was presented on Kauai last year. This upcoming event is SO BIG!
    Mahalo for all you do


  31. Judy Lampros says:

    Oops – The last was the website, here is the link to an article about the pilgrimage by Cal Garrison

  32. Matt. says:

    Hey dude!

    Just wanted to say there is only really two sites I check for uplifting new information and what not. And yours is one of them. I don’t even read the information for what data it provides but purely because of the light message they all comprise. Keep up the awesome work and I fully encourage that ‘no comment’ idea where everything should be filled with light!
    I do feel a massive burst of light/love in the world today and I’m sure its not just me, so I also just wanted to thank you for the beautiful blog you have here and the great inspiration I and others are gaining from it, its truly a remarkable thing and its happening for a reason, and I’m glad your fulfilling that reason. Don’t ever loose sight of who you are and what your purpose is, because your purpose will and has changed lives.

    Kindest regards,

  33. Deborah says:

    I love this site…thank you so much. I lived on the Big Island for many yrs. Six years ago, we re-located to No. California. We left the the slopes of Mauna Kea, and now are living very close to Mt. Shasta. I read your blog each day, and so enjoy the aloha you share.
    Shalom, Deborah

  34. remove me from your blog….. my computer is old and need to remove/delete lots of stuff or it will stop….
    Thank You

    • kauilapele says:

      Aloha, Pat.

      I cannot remove you from the email list, since this is done by WordPress, after you subscribe yourself. Here’s how you unsubscribe yourself.

      At the bottom of each email that you get from WordPress, at the bottom of each is an “Unsubscribe” message. Here is what you see:

      “Unsubscribe or change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions.”

      Just click “Manage Subscriptions” and it will take you to a page where you can click a check box and unsubscribe. Let me know if you still have trouble getting off the list.

      Again, this is not something that I can do from my side.

  35. Aloha to all lightworkers !!!!!!! : ))))

  36. Thank you Kauilapele, a friend just sent me this blog. I think its great! I partciularly loved the Hallelulah video!

  37. Neo says:

    Mahalo,Kauila – I just “discovered” your blog last week, and immediarely signed up for email (happy to say that I am receiving). IT is excellent in all ways; positive informative, clean & good design.I must say that I feel like a brother in that not only do we share so many beliefs, that I have been subscrbed and reading the geniuses – David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford as my Primary sources for the last couple of years. I love spirituality that is also backed up with real world fact, and these guys are the best! I highly recommend to anyone David’s recent book release – “The Source Field Investigations, etc.” for some great factual and spirtual reading about our imminent arrival at the New Golden Age ( a NYT best-seller since release in August – you can find it at Amazon, bookstores etc. or his web site: “Divine Cosmos.com”)!
    Also, though I currently reside in California, I lived in Kauai a couple of times and carry the Spirit of Aloha always. I hope to return sometime soon to visit or maybe move back again! So my Brudda, we are one, as with all others of open hearts & minds! Good look with your blog; I’ll be watching you! I’m that little Menahune at the end of the rainbow in Poipu! :-)

    Peace & Love, N.

  38. Visionkeeper says:

    I am so enjoying your blog. I stumbled onto you at 2012 whats really happening website. So glad I did. Hailing from Vermont I envy your warmth and sunshine as we head into the winter months. I am excited though by 11-11-11 just hours away now and I am sure the results will keep me warm being swept up in the rising consciousness. Enjoy the day. BTW I tried to leave a comment on the reptilian base article but couldn’t. No comment area came up…Take care and many thanks!!

  39. Lore ann says:

    Thank you for your beautiful videos & blog..all clear & wonderful to follow…it is comforting to share this exciting time together..especially when I feel unsure & alone…I am in sunny california and often dream of tropical Hawaii..happy adventuring in love…mahalo

  40. Matt says:


    I’d like to leave you with this link. I’d like to hear what you have to say about this.


    • kauilapele says:

      I see only smoke and mirrors. Ben’s heart is not anything like what is described in that message. Use you Higher Discernment, though.

      I find that, even though someone may be a Light-worker, that does not mean they are necessarily “my” Light-worker. If something does not feel right about someone, they are usually not someone I will listen to.

  41. I thought this quote was extremely accurate “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

  42. kauilapele says:

    Here’s another you could use.

    ben fulford

  43. Lisa says:

    Dear Kauilapele

    Just realized in Sheldon’s post the mention of “Nuremburg” type trials.

    I am sending you a You Tube link for a very short Press TV release regarding Bush and Blair on trial in Malayasia.


    Love and Light and Peace and Happy Thanksgiving
    I am grateful for you!


  44. Hi, You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats! :- ) http://dimitiekendall.com/

  45. Lewis says:

    Aloha dear Kauilapele:

    My daughter, friends and I celebrated 11/11/11 with a sunrise ceremony at the summit of Haleakala Crater on Maui and an evening fire ceremony at the base of Haleakala. At the same time, your wise and useful blog came into my life. So the Islands are calling me. I just want to thank you for your contribution to the ascension process. Though I travel far and wide, the Islands are always with me and I welcome the regular messages provided by your blog.

    Shalom = Salaam = Shanti,

  46. Visionkeeper says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Kauilpele …. I just wanted you to know I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was blessed with this award recently and I wanted to pass along the thanks to you as well for your wonderful blog and wealth of important information. You are doing an invaluable service for awakening those souls who are in need of it. I think we share that pleasure. Thank you for all you do. I think essentially what this award is is a pay it forward kind of award as I leave off with you a list of blogs who have been nominated and in turn you will hopefully check them out and make a list of your own and pass it on. This way we all get a chance to see blogs we might not otherwise have discovered. We are all in this together. Again my thanks for all you do…. Hugs…Visionkeeper http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com

    For those receiving an award, there are a few rules (though no obligation whatsoever to follow):
    Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
    Reveal your 5-15 top picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
    Copy and paste the award on your blog.
    Have faith that your followers will link to other bloggers.
    And most of all – blog to your heart’s delight!
    Liebster means beloved in German and Versatile speaks for itself. The goal of both these awards is to spotlight well deserving blogs so that others may also discover them.
    Sharing our true selves is a wonderful thing…

    Blogs Nominated: http://www.suzicate.wordpress.com Good writer

    http://anilraheja.wordpress.com Amazing family who lost their son but stayed positive through blogging

    http://envisioningfuture.wordpress.com Young Pakistani girl staying positive depite the bombs falling all around her.

    http://teszmillan.wordpress.com Good writer

    http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/ Alt. news and weather

    http://thetruthbehindthescenes.wordpress.com/ Alt. news and weather

    http://jhaines6.wordpress.com Alt. news, channelings and much more

    P.S. I couldn’t get the versatile award seal to paste here so you will have to google it and cut and paste yourself. Sorry…

  47. oldehippie says:

    My Dearest Kauilapele,

    I have been led to this website today by someone I met at a Thanksgiving dinner at a Church of Spiritual Science in Denver Colorado. I can’t help but feel I’ve been led here for a reason; perhaps because I don’t believe in coincidence. However, I haven’t a clue why or what I should do or how to proceed from here. Perhaps I’m only supposed to be a reader and follower. Perhaps my role should be something other than simply reading. I trust that you know more about the light than I do at this time. I also trust that you will guide me as to what is expected of me if I decided to cooperate. Perhaps, as I said, it is simply reading. Please look into the light for me and be my guide. I am someone who wishes for a new world, a better world, a planet filled with light and love. But I am also stuck by my situation and am at a loss of how to proceed. I ask you for help because I feel I was led to this website for a reason. However, perhaps this is not my path. Please advise.



    • kauilapele says:

      I cannot answer your question exactly. But like you said, you “feel I’ve been led here for a reason”. Your intent for “a new world, a better world, a planet filled with light and love” is all that is needed at this time. As it adds to the growing collective intent for world peace and light. You will be guided as you keep your mind open and see clearly and release any old patterns within that come to light during these en-lightening times.

      Blessings of Aloha,

  48. oldehippie says:

    Thank you for your reply. I will keep, as best as I am able, an open mind, to see clearly and to “release any old patterns within”.


  49. Calie says:

    11/27/11…Please read johnsmallman.wordpress.com… two messages posted today…One titled “Something unusual is going on”…The other is “Truly a time of great joy is approaching…These messages may lift your spirits…Nameste’

  50. ASIA says:




    I’m doing another free distant energy healing for everyone who wants to join and all their friends, families and anyone else who reads this. The main healing session is SUNDAY DECEMBER 4, 2011 from 5-6pm Pacific Standard Time or same as Los Angeles, (6-7pm MST), (7-8 CST), (8-9pm EST-same as New York).

    You can join this free distant energy healing session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That is all you have to do to connect with the energy and you don’t have to do anything else. Healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this as many people who have done this before have reported. There will be unscheduled daily energy adjustments leading up to the main session and you can receive a lot of healing energy before the main session on DECEMBER 4.

    ” Michael Mohoric – Specializing in Qigong Distant Energy Healing. I was the past Secretary and Executive Committee Leader of the International Tibetan Qigong Association. I’ve studied a variety of energy healing systems for over 25 years. After recovering from a serious spinal cord injury I found I had a gift for distant energy healing and now work with people from all over the world to help them regain their health and well-being. ” http://qigongenergyhealing.com/

  51. kelly says:

    Hi KP!!

    I just read the Fulford article. Just after I finished my dad, taking care of him, came into my room and told me about this article about the british royals….

    Very, very interesting!!

    Thank you KP, I read your blog EVERYDAY!

    Love, kelly

  52. Ally says:

    I was checking Obama’s schedule on whitehouse.gov. He has no public itinery after 11:10 a.m. Dec. 5, until Dec. 17, the supposed date his Hawaii Vaca is slated to start. Hope this helps!

    • kauilapele says:

      Thanks, Ally. The link you sent says his away time start 12-17. Ben wrote it to sound like he was already gone. Obama WAS here in Hawaii for the APEC conference last month.

  53. Visionkeeper says:

    Thought I would send some good news to brighten your day. It is so rare these days…Hope all is well. Blessings….VK

  54. raymond : Smith says:

    namesta Kau’ila,
    I very much appreciate and enjoy your blog efforts – a recent find.
    I just noted this statement in your blog around Sheldon’s recent offering (Dec 7, 2011): ****However, I am personally not “feeling it” when he talks of “Light Chambers.” He says, “…we have perfected a Light chamber for each of you …..” *****
    I don’t know if you are aware of George Kavassilas (site http://www.our-journey-home.com/); He is adamant (on a regular basis) that those seeking ascension would be unwise to employ any technology that is about assisting ascension. If I understand him correctly, He is feels that this a ruse employed by those of the “False-Light” (or those who are about Conditional-Love) [all my paraphrasing].

    blessings on your journeyings,

    • kauilapele says:

      Most grateful for this, Raymond. I’m sure there are many “technologies” that are coming out, that can assist our bodies to heal, etc., but in my mind, Ascension comes through US, not by some “Ascension Machine” or “Light Chamber”, whatever you want to call it.

  55. Dylan Brooks says:

    Thank you so much for putting this blog together. I stumbled upon it a few days ago and have been watching sunrise after sunrise reading the posts into the night. I love how syncronicities seem to keep speeding up and the coincidence between what people are writing about and my personal feeling and experiances in exhilerating. Again thank you for spreading the light. Namaste. Dylan.

  56. Godsister says:

    Hey, I finally find it here …
    Dear Kauilapele, yesterday I send you a text bellow on your youtube channel, because I didn’ see here where I can write you, so today I FOUND IT and I send you a copy of what is already in your YTbox …

    Hello dear Kauilapele,
    I found your blog maybe two month before and I like it… I write to you here, because I can’t find such a place in your blog… So…, did you heard or watched Alaje from the Pleiades? I found his videos and answers very very uplifting.

    here is the link:
    and here is the link to read already answered question:

    Stay blessed, your Godsister

  57. Ensis says:

    Hello! Kauilapele!!! I wanted to share this very compelling video of a high school student’s perpective of the silly inhumane dogmatic systems of schooling kids go through. it is suprisingly concise and common-sensical. i ended up feeling sadness for the youths of today who have to endure this torment on a daily basis! here da link: http://youtu.be/RwtwrfQbb4A

  58. Josh says:

    Thank you again for your guidance through these times in lifting the spirits of the Earth’s people.
    I have good news I wish to share that will get things moving. Require secure line or the likes as the news needs to be relayed to you personally (I trust you and understand your source ;)) so you can help get things wrapped up.
    Thank you for your great work
    Peace out

  59. Martina says:

    Just enJOYed your 12/12 report – Greetings from Europe

  60. katrina says:

    Hi I came across your blog today :) while I was listening to a radio show about angels! Your blogs are great I’m sure they have a message for me! Thank you again :) keep up the great work! <3 and Light to you!!

  61. Sunny says:

    Hi Kauilapele,
    I, too, remember you fondly from the days of Mark Huber. I hope he’s reading your wonderful blog! I received a Holiday card from the White House with a UFO also! What I find so fascinating is how those of us who support higher-dimensional spiritual perspectives received the card with the UFO. I guess it’s truly the beginning of full-disclosure..a new stage of evolution!
    Many blessings to you-all. The time is NOW.
    Sunny Ariel

  62. Thanks for all your lightwork Kauilapele, your fellow lightworker Lucas from Lucas2012infos.wordpress.com. My love and light wished upon all and your work, family, friends and our mother earth entering the new stages of the 2012 manifesting our new heavenly status on earth.

  63. Visionkeeper says:

    KP…thought you should see this. Perhaps you want to post it…Sort of follows up what Ben and David have talked about. 2012 Blessings to you, keep the light burning….VK

  64. Visionkeeper says:

    KP…Saw this and thought I’d drop it off. The wheels are coming off the wagon it seems. Can’t happen fast enough. Blessings and light….VK

  65. frank says:

    Dear friend,
    Am I to understand then that the Bridge Fund is a hoax according to David? The site at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/01/tough-assignment-and-davids-latest-on-divine-cosmos/
    in this story says it is a hoax… What do you think?

  66. Visionkeeper says:

    KP…..yet more money stories…Do you have a more direct way to get in touch? Have a blessed day of light….VK
    I wonder how many bundles of wealth they buried at sea???

    Also, this will stir up the hornets nest further :-) Hollis

  67. j says:

    Just wanted to say it was a gift to stumble upon your blog in seeking meaning to ‘505’.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I have bookmarked your page.

    Kind regards from manchester, england.


  68. FullConscious says:

    Good evening Kauilapele (atleast as I am typing this here in the eastern time)

    I Remember a post you made to your blog about this YouTube video made by this 17 year-old high school student. The one on the education system.

    Well, I just discovered 2 new videos he posted! (different topic as well)

    All one message seperated into 2 parts. He put things in such beautiful words and is truly inspiring to see such younglings take a stand to put the truth out there and say what needs to be said. Its a real motivator that makse you really want to do something! hehehe
    anyways, heres the links:
    Part 1: http://youtu.be/fujXfSlbVm8
    Part 2: http://youtu.be/9T72dURLZz0
    Excellent material indeed!

  69. Ed says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and making your blog. It’s always a pleasure and treat to read your blog. I read it every day, I love reading all the messages from SaLuSa to Matthew. I love how you see the world around you. Your personal insite on how things work. Just want to thank you from one Starseed to another Starseed. Keep up the the GREAT work. Maybe one day will meet.

    Much Love and Light,
    Ed (Moose)

  70. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey KP….Just wanted to stop by and tell you I nominated you for the Genuine Blogger Award. I am very pleased to have found your site a while back. It has been a great journey. There is really nothing you have to do for this award. I am just posting my nominated blogs on my site to share with others. I can’t post the picture of it here so you can copy it off my site when I get it up shortly. Blessings to you KP….Keep the light flowing….VK

  71. Paul says:

    Hi KP.

    Are you aware that there is a school of thought which suggests much of the channelling is in fact a psy-op designed to further dumb down the masses into subjugation?

    How are you certain of the authenticity of contributors?

    All the best


  72. Distopian says:


    Salusa’s latest comments should be of concern to all.

    Trust in us and God that events are going to proceed as promised, and do not worry as to the timing as it will occur in a way that is exactly correct for the desired outcome. Also be assured that the end times will work out as planned, and that responsibility is ours and everything is totally prepared.

    This sounds like the Cabal.

  73. Distopian says:

    To those who keep saying they are seeing UFO’s.

    Are you aware that in area 51 they have hundreds of such craft.

    So whose UFO’s are you seeing, the Cabal’s or someone else?

    • kauilapele says:

      Absolutely. But they are not all the cabal’s. Look at their energy signature and in your heart, you can tell which is whose.

      • Distopian says:

        Hi KP,

        I appreciate what you are saying but awakening is happening one two levels. There is the political, social and tangible aspects we can all see if we choose to look. There is also the spiritual aspects. My concern is how much of that is a manifestation of the cabal’s activities? Energy signatures can be mimicked.

        Afterall they have technology which is 1000s of years beyond our comprehension.

  74. Distopian says:

    21st Dec 2012 will be just another day, don’t be fooled because if you have you are as brainwashed as mankind has been for generations.

    When the cabal cease to run this world and mankind begins to live in peace, prosperity and security then we will see an elevation in consciousness which is merely understanding.

    However the risk is mankind will largely never ascend to a higher state of consciousness because they will never believe that their life currently is a total illusion. They simply will not be able to cope when when presented with indisputable facts to the contrary.

    2012 is will be the end of the cabal and in essence the world will end as we know it.

    However you will still be 3 dimensional beings in 2013 and beyond of that I am absolutely certain.

    Ask yourself this, do you not find it just a little bit of a coincidence that mankind has suffered for many many generations and yet somehow in 2012 of all years there is going to be this shift into the 4th dimension. You are being played like fiddles.

    Why have our galactic friends decided to wait until now to save us. To fulfill some prophecy? the cabal wanted to fulfill the end of the world scenario by destroying 90% of the world’s population. A scenario which will not happen.

    Those who are acting as channels are merely puppets of the cabal. The rhetoric is totally cabal in content. Study the language, it really is that obvious.

  75. brother says:

    Dear Kerry please pass this line of help onto David Wilcock
    tell him ‘John Walsh teamer’ has sent this, ask him to check out

    then print off the yogi’s photo keep it on him the yogi knows of your situation,and david will not be touched he’ll be ok,
    I got it from the yogi himself!

    i salute all the work you guys are doing, — a Brother —

    P.s. if he wants to come over he will be looked after.
    according to W SCOTT-ELLIOT -what are the last remnants of lemuria above sea level.

  76. anthony littlewood says:

    hello, have a look at this musical instument, could be the explantion to the world wide noise phenonema. love an light

  77. Greg says:

    Hi there Kauilapele;
    I’ve watched & read your re-posts for several months now. I’ve also noted observations from those who were in this much longer than I. And while it has given some inspiration and information, there seems to be a very repetitive message. Therefore, I think only fair to have you read some feedback from another similar site:
    This comment highlights the fact that these messages produce no results and continue with the same empty promise. There are precious few of us who can confirm anything of these, but perhaps if this feedback reaches the right ones, they might correct their ways…somehow…


  78. Ri says:

    Hello ! Greetings from Brazil ! Great work on your blog ! Could you send me David Wilcock file full pdf file in unzipped form or at least a link for it. Ipad does not want to let me unzip. :-p
    Thank you,

  79. Hi would you mind letting me know which web host you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you recommend a good internet hosting provider at a reasonable price? Kudos, I appreciate it!

    • kauilapele says:

      I am using wordpress.com. Their web services, their host. I’ve generally had no problems with speed or loading.

  80. Larry says:

    Thank you for your, apparently, tireless work in gathering and highlighting this important information for us all. You do a great service and it is much valued and appreciated.


  81. Distopian says:

    Hi KI,

    I noticed that you did not publish my last post.

    I smell fear and doubt in your mind.

    You have been duped, the world is going to change for sure but only in 3D.

    2012 will come and pass and there will be no dimensional change or ascension.

    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you for being honest. I usually don’t post comments like the last one you sent. I do moderate the comments so there is not a lot of “the sky is falling” and “there’s no hope” types of comment, which I do not agree with, and do not want to put here. That is my choice, and no reflection on you.

      I may still post your earlier comment.

      I respect you for being up front with your opinion and not being afraid to put it out. Your passion comes through, and that is what I take from it.

      I believe the best information out there about what is going on cosmically right now is in David Wilcock’s book, Source Field Investigations. It’s still less than $20 at Amazon, and I’m still reading it. But I am convinced this is a unique time in our Earth history.

      Best to you.

  82. Abba says:

    Past posts refer to reading credible news sorces. Can you recommend some?

  83. FErnando says:

    Hi KAuilapele,

    First, i´d like to say that i like your blog and the way you post stuffs even when you think is different from your point of view.

    I´m from Brasil, and I´ve been studing the Sionist for a long time. I fisrt came here to read Ben Fulford posts. But then i started reading others. But, some posts disagree with everything that is happening.

    It´s obvious for everyone that take a superficial look on this stuff that Obama is not a good guy. The good and independent guy has a name: Ron Paul. But, he will never win, they will never let he go. Obama is a tool of the Illuminati.

    And, with all respect, all posts from Salusa, since the first, says something about disclosure soon. They all have the same words, that “something will happen soon”, “it´s progressing”, “you must choose the light”, “have no fears”, etc… Search for Salusa in your blog, and read all the topic´s titles.

    I think we must have a positive thinking, BUT we NEED to be “hand´s on”, to work on it, help each other, do charity, not just wait for some kind of galatic federation. God and Jesus are higher than all of this, even if the bad guys remain in power in the end. If this happen, trust me: it will not be the end yet.

    Just think about this. You seems to be a very lightful person, inteliggent, and this Salusa´s posts comes from nothing and goes for anything. I don´t wanna loose respect, it´s my opinion. Just THINK about this, ok!



  84. Catherine Catalina says:

    you seem rather quiet. I am wondering if you are preparing for Steve Beckow and “friends” departure on February 4, 2012..It sounds like a ‘vacation’ right up your alley..interesting times .

  85. Tim says:

    I started visiting your blog a few months ago and very much appreciate your efforts in collecting and summarizing the various sources you draw from. I definitely feel 2012 will be a year of massive change for us all. I’ve been focused on new energy technologies for the last 10 years and I must admit it has led me to shift my paradigm significantly… sometimes not very comfortably.
    Keep up the good work you’re doing! It is important regardless of what the sleeple currently perceive. Peace!

  86. Izzy says:

    Kauilapele, I would like to suggest that you take a peek at John Kettler’s website. I think you might find it interesting. Without further ado, John’s website link is:
    http://johnkettler.com/ If one scrolls down the screen, his postings are found on the right hand side…

  87. Time to take stock of where we are, why we are here, what we listen to and way to believe.

    An extract of an email with links to some information that could change our whole perception of the sources of information we received from galactic sources.


    I received these links which were described as mind blowing and a real life perception changer.

    Part one for me was certainly was an eyeopener and certainly caused me concerns with my own Hathor involvement.

    They are, in my opinion, essential viewing for those who want to know the true history of humanity, and the true nature of our present predicament.

    Part one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6Zf7scVDQ1g

    Part two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-RSwTihJQ0

    Alternatively, use this link:


    And here’s a short essay from him:


    The revelations are very different to what we have become accustomed to

    Chris Thomas – The velon & Humani History


    Love & Blessings/Tony.

  88. Distopian says:

    Ever notice how we keep being told these changes are close? Will it surprise you that we will be still hearing the same rhetoric in 6 months?

    You are all being duped and conditioned into believing this 2012 fairytale and we all better hope that the light forces in the 3D world win the battle otherwise you will be condemned to a life of total slavery.

    The human mind is very good at seeing and feeling what it wants to believe, after all we have been very good at doing this all our lives, largely oblivious to the reality of the world we live in.

    If you think because you have changed yourself that somehow is going to be your salvation your are very naive. We need a global awakening to the world we live and a refusal to co-operate with the lunatics who control every facet of our lives.

    Don’t pin your hopes on waiting for ascension year end because it is not going to happen. The cabal want you to believe this so you acquiesce at this time.

    Looking around they appear to be winning that battle with staggering ease. All the more ironic given people talk about being awakened

    All the very best.

  89. frank says:

    I have some cloud pics for u that will blow your mind…send me emasil so I can share them with you.

  90. Shelley says:

    Neat! Multi-dimensional….ha!

  91. frank says:

    I have some cloud pics to share.

  92. Distopian says:

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    The Galactic federation of light are mischief makers, ETs if you like with a sense of humour.

    Within days we hear there will be mass arrests. So what will you all be thinking when in weeks they have not happened?

    Far too many of you are trying to fit square pegs into round holes because you already believe you know what the outcome is going to be in 2012

    Flawed in the extreme does not come close.

    All the best

  93. frank says:

    I draw from many many souces…they are all saying thr same thing.

  94. Distopian says:

    I do find it somewhat perplexing that we are forever told to apply higher discernment while reading Ben Fulford compared with those channelings posts.

    Sorry but that is plainly biased and given that Ben’s statements relate to on world activities is all the more peculiar.

  95. Amanda says:

    I just found your blog, and I don’t think it was by chance. Your words and messages resonate pure truth and it is a comfort and joy to be able to receive them! I look so forward to when the next will come, and wonder in love and light what I will learn next. Thank you so much for sharing this! :) S

  96. JLG says:

    Latest fully indexed PDF update (Feb 13) of Financial Tyranny / David Wilcock is available for download here (27 MB)


  97. JLG says:

    Hi there
    I made my very best to listen to approx. 1h30 of the Kerry/Kettler 1st interview and thought for myself how pathetic this whole thing was.
    I even thought that in a sense those instrumenting this crap must be in a pretty bad shape to come up with such poor propaganda. This is so ludicrous.
    I feel sorry for Kerry and her lack of discernment.

  98. Alyra says:

    2/24/2012 — Hawaii earthquake swarm = possibility of another volcanic event
    Found on Dutchsinse website.

  99. Mike Hutchinson says:

    House of Lords to Investigate Lord Blackheath’s evidence of financial fraud
    Story from “Nation of Change”


  100. Dan says:

    A Fragment of the Starchild’s FOXP2 Gene is Recovered:

    A New Partial Analysis Of DNA Reinforces That Absolute Proof Can Be Obtained To Confirm The Starchild Skull Is Not Human.


    (posted recently)

  101. Distopian says:

    Is anyone else rather bemused at the notion that we chose to live in this time and to experience everything that goes with a world run by a bunch of total and utter lunatics who have done everything in their power to enslave us physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually?

    If that is indeed the case then I would seriously question my own judgment at the point I came to that decision.

    Given the choice now, I would never again re-incarnate and live in this total madness. Whoever said a utopian existence was flawed must be have been a total masochist.

    If you have to experience the evil that stalks this world to appreciate good, then you must be seriously question whether you have a grain of decency in your soul.

    • Visionkeeper says:

      Distopian….It is not that we wanted to come here at this time and enjoy the madness of evil people. We came forward as the ones willing to endure the madness as part of being the ones to aid in helping the world ascend to a higher dimension and end the madness. It is our mission and obviously you felt you had the courage to undertake this mission. Quite admirable I’d say. We have almost completed this mission so hang in there and feel pride in what you have helped create. A new world of peace and love.

      • Distopian says:


        I am happy to concede that what you are saying to some extent is true but why are the vast bulk of people still living in a total stupor with regards to the world we live in? They can’t even see the blindingly obvious. If they signed up to the idea that they would endure the madness why do they still remain this way?

        I am perfectly happy and content in my own life but that is irrelevant if the vast majority of the world live in total ignorance? Only a collective change in consciousness will change anything and we are light years away from coming close to that.

        All the best

        • Visionkeeper says:

          Distopian..Greetings! They remain in a stupor because of the fluoride they are forced to eat and drink which totally dumbs you down, they are under constant mind control through TV, they are kept dumbed down by keeping the people poor and not well educated, they fry our brains continually with Haarp etc. I could go on and on but there is no room. Some people came in with more experience under their belts so to speak so putting them asleep was harder, but those new to earth have been terrorized by fear through religion, war, terrorism, the weather modification,murder,etc. You can convince a sacred soul into doing or believing anything. They remain here dumb and afraid because they have been made that way but slowly they are waking up to the truth. We have all been LIED to! This is why it is critical for the awakened ones to awaken the snoozers.Tell everyone around you who will listen and wants to listen what you know and offer them the proof they can find on the internet. This is our job now, it is why we came here!! VK

  102. Theresa says:

    Hi Kauilapele and guests, I am new to this site today (guess I was led here). Anyway, my mouth dropped when I saw your statement on the dome! About 2 weeks ago, I saw in a dream-vision this huge hand from the sky either putting in place/lifting off this immense translucent dome over/from an area. The dome looked like it had a matrix design imprinted in it though. Can anyone offer suggestions to what this represents?

    • kauilapele says:

      Thank you Theresa,

      Was this from the post “2-25-12 Mauna Loa Kilauea Mission Videos Uploaded“? I don’t recall where I wrote this, or if I did.

      But at one time, about 2 years ago, did I perceive a dome of Light over Mauna Loa, which was there to reflect back any energies that needed to be cleared, so all would strongly feel the effects of those energies, and would then (hopefully) release them.

      • Theresa says:

        Hi Kauilapele, I saw your link on a forward by M. Ellegion in reference to Ben Fulford update (?), and began browsing on your site to the page where you were standing outside and there was a very large light dome (actually I saw 2) that you were referring to in the sky. Not clear on what you meant, “reflect back…” Were you saying the dome of light was there to reflect energies back to people on the ground for them to clear their stuff or did you mean to reflect back to those off-world (as GFL refers to as the negative space poops who have been working with certain of same on the earth)? In my dream-vision I just saw the hand on the dome as a static image, so I don’t know if it was being put on or taken off. I’m beginning to think that the dome (with a matrix web) might represent the quarantine being lifted from the Earth maybe? because I also had a powerful vision 3 days ago of the Christ amidst clouds holding a very large sword in a powerful stance with a large silver sword swung to his right side (and I think I can figure this one out); so something BIG TIME is up. If you pick up anything, I’d love to know. Thank you brother.
        (BTW: what does your name mean if I may ask?)

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