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A Couple of 3-23-17 RTs about “Dark Matter” (the latest #Vault7 release)… “CIA hacking tactics for Apple products” and “Assange… ‘small example’ of what’s in store”

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Well, I do know that “Dark Matter” exists, so maybe this Wikileaks “Dark Matter” will shed some light on what we’ve been told doesn’t exist. We shall see! [Wikileaks “Dark Matter” release page] #Vault7: WikiLeaks releases ‘Dark Matter’ batch of … Continue reading

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#Vault7… Three Videos about this “#Vault7 deal”… (David Seaman, Mark Dice, Alex Jones)

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[Note: this is related to this prior post.] Choose your flavor below. Of course, many of us have known about things like this. As David Seaman points out, however, how many BILLIONS (trillions?) of dollars have been spent by the … Continue reading

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#Vault7… 3-7-17… “A Couple of RT’s about the latest Wikileaks release” (as if we didn’t already know all this!)

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I’ve posted a couple of RTs about this #Vault7 business. There’s tonnes of articles out about it, I’m sure. I’ll add a couple of short videos I’ve watched, in the next post. The implications about the infamous “Russia hacked the … Continue reading

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RT 3-9-17… “Malware expert says ‘fingerprint’ switch shows past attacks blamed on Russia, China are work of CIA” (plus 2 videos)

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This is a bit more data on the now famous “Vault 7” release. A couple other posts on this are viewable here. I’ve added two videos at the end. One is the Assange announcement, the second is one where he … Continue reading

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