A Few “Items of (possible) Interest 2-6-20”

I’ve been quite fully occupied with local items (personal, etc.) plus a couple of “service to others” deals (some not too challenging, some very challenging), so I’ve only gleaned a few items here and there. But here they are.

Pelosi freaks out right when POTUS says “Stanktuary”.

“Pelosi freaks out right when POTUS says “Stanktuary”. I think she just got her indictment, just like Jeb and the other folks at pappy’s funeral.”

The Biden Crime Family — Patrick J. McShay ~ Operation Disclosure

“With Trump’s impeachment appearing to be winding down, the Democrats are still crying about a cover-up and not being allowed to call witnesses including John Bolton, who the Dem’s were sure would contradict the President’s version of events. I say, what does it matter? There was already public interest in the Biden’s nepotism, clear conflicts of interest, and the appearance of criminality for over a year before Trump mentioned it to Ukraine’s new President Zelensky on their July 25th phone call.

“Peter Schweizer has a new book, “Profiles In Corruption,” where he does a more in-depth look at the Biden Crime Family involving Senator Joe Biden, son Hunter, brothers Frank and James Biden, and daughter Ashley and her husband Howard Krein. Again, this too is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Connecting the Dots — Rinus Verhagen

“The Ukraine is the key, fear of the revelations of the crimes of the Democrats and the whole story is ; what and who is behind this world crime conspiracy. That the sons or relatives of the Deep State politicians in the US have served as a straw man to satisfy the corrupt politicians’ greed is serious, but compared to the whole story it is a fringe phenomenon.”

Dems are leaving the party (video)

“Dem callers are turning on their own party in droves after Pelosi’s embarrassing display at the #SOTU.”

Carpe Donktum video retweeted by Trump

Virginia Lawmakers REJECT Democrat Gov. Northam’s Gun-Control Bill

“Republicans were joined by two Virginia state Democrats to block the anti-Second Amendment legislation proposed by Gov, Northam… Two Democrats on Virginia’s Senate Judiciary Committee joined Republicans to vote against the bill, which was one of eight proposed by Northam”…

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Stunning Corruption in the Vaccine Industry that has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans

“Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gives a blockbuster interview about the vaccine industry and its capture of regulatory agencies including the Center for Disease Control and the UN’s World Health Organization. All of the 72 vaccines mandated for children are produced by four companies: Merck, Sanofi, Pfizer, and Glaxo-Smith Kline. No vaccine ever has been safety tested with a real placebo. He says the CDC functions as a vaccine company with a budget of $11- billion per year. $5-billion is spent on buying vaccines at inflated prices.

LINK TO RT Video interview

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