Kp Message 12-12-19… “Mom update”

[Kp note: go to end of this post for a link to a photo of Mom from two days ago.]

Aloha all…

Two days ago, I took Mom to an appointment at a local hospital (for a swallowing test). She was evaluated to now be eligible for eating actual solid foods (i.e., non-pureed solid foods), although she’s not quite yet eligible for normal (non-thickened) liquids. Her evaluator said she’d give Mom’s rehab therapist some exercises to help Mom get to the “next level” in swallowing.

Just today, lo and behold, Mom informed us (Dad and I) that she was now approved to eat REAL solid foods and drink liquid water!! Hooray, hooray!

In the meantime, it was quite fun and refreshing to have her out of the rehab place for a couple hours, and to drive a bit around the local countryside. It is beautiful here, and it seems she really enjoyed the ride. She had on a warm winter coat and gloves and a scarf.

I also carried (at Dad’s suggestion) a few gallon Ziploc bags in case of “accidents”, of which there were none. Also he suggested a small Ziploc full of Kleenex, which Mom kept with her after the ride. These were Dad’s ideas. Dad is full of them (good ideas, that is!).

She is much better able to eat (and talk) without nausea developing (although there’s still occasional difficulty with that from time to time). She is eating pretty regularly, and even had a small drink of coffee (from the Starbucks IN the hospital (can you believe they have a Starbucks there?)).

Mom is continuing to improve in her speaking, as evidenced in her conversation with us tonight. And she is getting more and more comfortable, physically, with her body.

I am learning about how to operate wheelchairs and all their “stuffs and pieces” (aka, “crap”) that are attached to them. Graduate school did NOT prepare me for that. But I’m learning.

Anyway, this photo shows Mom’s true Spirit.

Thanks again to all for holding the Love, and Light, and Good Vibrations, for Mom (and Dad, and myself) during these W.E.* times (*Wonderfully Educational).

Aloha, Kp

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