Corey Goode 11-19-19… A couple of VIDEOs, “Corey Goode FACEBOOK LIVE!!” (Cosmic Secret discussion) & “Inner Earth Being City & Cabal ‘DUMB’ in Brazil”

These just came out recently, and I felt they were intended to go “out there”, so here they are. I’ve watched only small bits of each. But likely there is useful data here for some.

Nov 19, 2019
The Cosmic Secret debuts as #1 Documentary on iTunes on the first day of release!
Unveil the secrets of our cosmic origins now!

Nov 21, 2019
Join me in Brazil for the Experience 2020 event in September of 2020! In this video, I discuss the Anshar City close to Brazil, The Cabal underground base in Brazil as well as discuss my new movie The Cosmic Secret.

“Fabio SantoS entrevista o mais novo palestrante confirmado do EXPERIENCE2020: Corey Goode.

Corey conta sobre seus recentes encontros com os Anshar – esclarecendo inclusive a previsao de revelacao total em ate 3 anos, fala um pouco sobre o processo pessoal dele de reencontro com o seu EU interior, o flash solar, seus projetos futuros, o que esperar de sua apresentacao no evento e muito mais.

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