GaiaPortal 11-17-19… “Fetterings of the Shadow Elements are cleared”

This is the first GaiaPortal since 10-31, so it is 17 days from the previous one. 17 days, posted on the 17th, at 17:17.

Hmmm… there may be a message there.

According to one source, a fetter is, “A device, usually one of a pair of rings connected to a chain, that is attached to the ankles or feet to restrict movement.” So this message indicates that those “shadow fetters” (chains) are being removed (have been removed).

“Spartans of Light forge the way” refers to those Light Warriors who are “on the front lines” clearing and forging the way for Hue-manity and hu-manity to move forward.


Fetterings of the Shadow Elements are cleared

Fetterings of the Shadow Elements are cleared.

Fortunes of the fearless are restored.

Spartans of Light forge the way.

Heart springs burst forth.

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