Utsava Psychic Medium 11-2-19… “Impeachment, ISIS leader captured, Robert DeNiro, Vatican, Queen, Obama is speaking from the other side.”

More rather interesting data from “the other side” (mostly) from Utsava. I found listening to this was fascinating, for me at least.

Suggest following the ancient saying, “Please use Thy Higher Discernment”.


Published on November 2, 2019

Psychic Medium Utsava has proven her accuracy for several years and provides amazing prophecies. She is world wide known for her great track record of predictions, prophecies and readings surrounding QAnon, President Trump, politics, Bitcoin, Aliens and a lot more! Get updates also on those ‘checks in the mail’ among other things. What will happen to Hollywood the next six months? Utsava sees Robert DeNiro arrested. Learn what is happening with the Pope and the Queen.

Psychic Medium Utsava has proven her accuracy for several years and provides amazing prophecies.

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