WhatDoesitMean.com 10-26-19… “US Army Warns Of Collapse As Apocalypse Nears—But Reality Shows Leftists Picked The Wrong Enemy” (Highlights only)

I thought the points made in this WDiM likely illustrate how the Alliance is “playing” the deep state. Fascinating if true…

“…a massive war expansion this document warns is immediately needed because “a climate apocalypse is coming soon”—and without which the US military gravely warns it will collapse within 20 years—but whose near comical true reality behind shows the US military has now given its hysterical climate crazed leftist lawmakers no choice but to lavish them with multi-billion-dollar budgets at the expense of domestic needs—otherwise these socialist Democrats screaming that the world will soon end due to climate change will be exposed as being the hypocrites they really are.

“…US Army General Mark Milley—President Trump’s new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who, this past May-2019, commissioned the United States War College to prepare for him a document on climate change—not just any document, but one using the most crazed and alarmist climate change studies his military researchers could find—thus leading to one of whose more apocalyptic short-term scenarios featured being the collapse of the US power grid within the next 20 years

“Joint Chiefs Chairman General Milley, of course, this report concludes, could have ordered his military researchers to include in their document the overwhelming evidence proving climate change is a hoax—to include the mathematical proof that man-made climate change is a total hoax and scientists proving it’s a hoax, too—and by his deliberate failing to do so, has given his military forces an amorphous (without a clearly defined shape or form) enemy that even the most demented socialist Democrat Party lawmaker critical of defense spending, is now left with no choice other than to flood the Pentagon with all the money it asks for—money that, most certainly, can never defeat a monster that never existed in the first place—but that, most assuredly, President Trump will use to great effect to fulfill his vow that America “will never be a socialist country”—a vow General Milley and the US Army will aid Trump in keeping…”


US Army Warns Of Collapse As Apocalypse Nears—But Reality Shows Leftists Picked The Wrong Enemy

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