x22Report 9-17-19 VIDEO… “We Are (Closer) Than You Think, Messages Received, On The Ready” #ArabellaAdvisors #x22Report

This x22 video I’m posting as it unveiled an organization that is called “Arabella” (this appears to be the correct link for them; here’s a link to the CRC article describing Arabella’s activities).


Published on September 17, 2019

  • It seems that Rep Omar might have been caught in a lie, then she deletes the tweet.
  • The Kavanaugh case is falling apart, the MSM is going down in flames and the key witness is now saying that it never happened.
  • A secret group was formed to go after Trump’s judicial nominees. [Arabella Advisors (link to <a href="http://CRC article)]
  • The House Judiciary started their impeachment hearings which was never voted on to be an impeachment hearing, they decided to read from the Mueller report, big fail.
  • Snowden is now asking Macron for asylum.
  • The Justice Department is now suing Snowden. SA will take care of their own business, Iran says talks will not happen,
  • Trump says talks will happen, which means talks have already happened.
  • Trump relays messages, we are closer than we think, HRC says beware of deep fakes.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site. (link for this article).

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