Please Hold the Light for Mauna a Wākea and its Protectors and Stewards (9-8-19)

[Update from Lanny Sinkin, Advisor to the King: “As word spread of the plan to sweep the Mauna Kea encampment and seize all the support supplies, the State political leadership received significant push back. As far as we know, the plan is now cancelled, with claims that there never was a plan. Of course, every day is a new day. We are grateful for the many expressions of support for the Kia’i (Protectors).“]

It is my understanding that certain actions by the State of Hawaii and County of Hawaii are being “considered” (likely meaning, “Already in process”), against the Mauna Kea protector group at Pu’u Huluhulu. I would not be surprised if this is an attempt by the State to provoke something, giving them an excuse to use more “intense” methods with the protectors.

Here is a link to a proclamation about this, from the acting King, Ali’i nui Mo’i Edmund K. Silva, Jr.

Link to proclamation

For those who feel the desire to help, feel free to pray, meditate, and Hold the Light (and post this message) for the Mauna and its protectors / stewards.

As we all know, the Light is prevailing, and the Light will heal all.

Aloha, Kp

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