GaiaPortal 8-20-19… “Pretenses have exposed and are released”

This GaiaPortal came out one day ago.

One item that stuck out is “ferrous motivators”. Ferrous relates to iron, so possibly this refers to some type of “Thor’s Hammers” to help “push” some who are procrastinating in their mission.

“Energetic impulses”… I just read an HATJ message about that (via Terran Cognito), which connects to a DAHBOO77 video that says the “Earth Just Got Blasted with Highest-Energy Photons Ever Recorded”!! This was on August 13. Here’s another link from the video about this.

Likely this is leading to what is mentioned in the last sentence, “Followers of the Hue-man path expand”.


Pretenses have exposed and are released

Pretenses have exposed and are released.

Hangers are hung.

Ferrous motivators are released.

Energetic impulses are felt and accepted.

Followers of the Hue-man path expand.

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