GaiaPortal 8-14-19… “Geospatials congregate in Higher Mode at this time”

This came out just after I had earlier spoken to someone about their “geometric” grid layout for one of their missions. Geospatial refers to “of or relating to the relative position of things on the earth’s surface“, and to me this means, when it speaks of “Higher Mode”, that Light Workers across the planet (Geospatials) are collaborating together telepathically to accomplish what needs to be done for the planet at this time.

“Planetary envelopes are broken” means we are, collectively, pushing the envelope and going beyond the “envelope” of the old paradigm.


Geospatials congregate in Higher Mode at this time

Geospatials congregate in Higher Mode at this time.

Flyers of Light are telepathically sent to all.

Planetary envelopes are broken.

Stationary platforms are motivated.

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