A Load of Videos from 8-10-19 about the #Epstein “suicide” (and a Robert David Steele article)

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Well, in spite of what I thought might occur, I watched quite a few of these today. My own two “top choices” are at the top. The And We Know video was also very illuminating, and I’ll also post that along with the latest SerialBrain2 article.

The Liz Crokin / Mac Files video has information in the first 5 minutes, then the faulty internet connection kept Liz off until about 30 minutes. I found this a helpful discussion, with audience Q&A at the end.

The RDS article unveils quite a bit. I’ve thrown in a couple highlights from that article. Some detail about discrepancies in the “suicide” story is given.

Remember that several have mentioned (David Wilcock, for one) that this p—philia exposure is one of the major things that is going to unravel the deep state. Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) Tweeted this today:

P—philia and worse is the glue that holds the Deep State in place. They can never be deposed without ALL the blackmail files being exposed. Get ready to be shocked; few can comprehend the scale and reach of the cabal’s corporate, political and entertainment empire.




Robert Steele: Epstein Not Dead, On His Way To Israel? Or Now in the Presidential Suite in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) at Area 51? We Do Not Make This Shit Up

Trump Retweets Conspiracy Theory on Epstein Death-Clinton LinkPhi Beta Iota: President Trump is a genius. His tweet is mis-direction from the real story — Epstein is now comfortably secure and cannot be eliminated. What a great way to poke the Clintons!  Works for us. We lean toward Option B. US military, not Mossad, ripped Epstein out of jail.

“I consider the reports of Epstein being dead to be false. I believe he is on his way to Israel in an accommodation reached between President Trump and his enemies at CIA, FBI, and within the Government of Israel whose Mossad operation this was.

“People on suicide watch with a prior suicide attempt simply do not die unless a very high price has been paid for their death OR — more likely — this is the agreed upon exit strategy. “Cremation” tonight.”

[Kp note: go to the full article to view several photos and updates that go against any possible “suicide” story.]

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