Kp Message regarding the 190807-09 Kauai Lion’s Gate Mission… List of Ceremony Locations (and what the h— happened!!)

[Kp note: I just realized the Spouting Horn ceremony was at 111 PM.]

Well, we’re finished. For now, at least.

Just wanted to share the locations I was Guided to for the 8 ceremonies carried out on the 8-8 Lion’s Gate (in chronological order):

Kilauea Lighthouse Point 444 AM
Wainiha 707 AM
Haena Beach 808 AM
Kealia Beach (rolling*)
Wailua River (rolling*)
Spouting Horn 111 PM (Koloa area) (aka “Roaring Lion”)
Kekaha 333 PM
Kalalau 808 PM

*”no stop the car” ceremony

So I’m sure many felt the effects of this particular Lion’s Gate. I noticed that it seemed everyone and their Mother and Father and pets were doing ceremonies. Like Sandra Walter, James Gilliland, Tracy in Mississippi. By the way, hers led to an earthquake at Jackson Volcano.

About my own 808 PM ceremony at Kalalau, well, I was up there, then “zoned out” and woke up at 8:06. So I was ready to go, then looked for my car key…. couldn’t find. Anywhere! Then after about 20 minutes I found it between the seat and console. Anyway, part of me was not amused, yet I went up anyway, cooled off emotionally, and then did the ceremony.

Funny thing though, I felt this was a signal (to me, at least) that the key to the old world must be lost, before the new one appears.

This 8-8 Lion’s Gate has brought forth a new key for the Planet and for opening up the Higher Consciousness for all humanity. The incoming Higher Vibrational Light Energy has exponentially increased.

Sorry, folks, no going back now. The Higher Dimensional Portals are wide open. Watch for lots of MAJOR illuminations coming out (and, no, I will not surmise what those might be!).

Aloha Kp

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