Where We Go 1 We Go All 7-25-19 VIDEO… “The Disturbing Case of JEFFREY EPSTElN” (and what is this word, “carisjames”?)

[Kp update 1: corrected the MP4 links. Now they link to the current video.] [Kp update 2: please note this is a fast moving video and one cannot guarantee everything he mentions or implies here is true. Using discernment is recommended.]

Another amazingly awakening video by WWG1WGA. So many points he brings out about what is going on right now, in front of our eyes. Some may not be easy to view, but WWG1WGA pulls together many pieces from the present and the past. Connections of JE with BC, HRC, and even Ellen (DeGeneres). Quite a video.

I’ve linked to the “carisjames” bit, but I’ll give one clue here, by dividing up that word:

car is james

Hmmmm… what could that mean? Watch and find out.

The video and link is below, but in case algorithms “disappear” this, I’ve downloaded the video as MP4s. Click to view and/or save as: 360p (64 MB); 720p (122 MB).


Published July 25, 2019
And how it links the whole world.

Time points (I may add more later)
00:00 Opioids down “17%” (=Q)
1:10 DJT speech “Army overran airports”, connects to Epstein arrest at Teterboro airport
1:20 Trump at 4th July speech Q signal.
14:27 Newest TVs called “4K Ultra”, but 4 = 1+3 = 13 = letter M… 4K Ultra = MK Ultra
15:55 When see all of Hollywood against one person (Trump) you know he’s not one of them.
22:20 carisjames

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