x22Report Spotlight 7-20-19… “Dr. Dave Janda… ‘The Shot Heard Around The World Will Unite The People'”

This was an excellent overview of what has currently been happening on the planet. Primary focuses are the “Epstein explosion” of information about the deep state, as well as how he (Epstein) has “handlers” and has likely been playing a role the deep state assigned to him. Also goes into how the DCIV (Data Collection In Videos) is used to force politicals, et al., to do the bidding of the deep state. Excellent discussion (in my view).


Published on July 20, 2019
Today’s Guest: Dr. Dave Janda
Website: Dave Janda, http://davejanda.com
YouTube: Operation Freedom, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-qLG1bdWVrHM-Hu2W73CQ

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