GaiaPortal 7-17-19… “Heterogenies are resolved in Light”

This Gaiaportal seems related somehow to this recent Kp blog post (regarding “racist” remarks, etc., etc.), and all of the “contrasts” that are being starkly illuminated around the planet at this time.

Heterogenies, presumably coming from “heterogeny“, “the condition or state of being heterogenous“, meaning “consisting of dissimilar elements or parts”, points to all of those contrasts being resolved in the Light coming in at this time.

And “Hard lines are furrowed and opened”, may refer to those who have been trying and trying to stay “fixed in the old paradigm”, but are now being “furrowed” open.

We shall certainly see what happens.


Heterogenies are resolved in Light

Heterogenies are resolved in Light.

Sparse fields are replanted.

Stargates open for those in the movements.

Hard lines are furrowed and opened.

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