x22Report 7-9-19 VIDEO(s)… “Did You Notice What Was Happening, The Plan Was Designed This Way” and a #Q video, “Storm Has Arrived, Now It’s The Patriots Turn, It’s Happening”

One reason I’m posting this from x22Report (Dave) is that he’s now doing a Q part, separate from his others (usually he has a part A = economic, and a B = world news, politics, and now he added a C = #Q #QAnon. As I’ve likely mentioned before, I like his reports because they are presented in a straightforward way, without hype and joking and dancing animals of any kind (for that, please go to iPOT).


Published on July 9, 2019
Trump is pushing to lower drug prices and to remove Obamacare once and for all.
Eric Swalwell drops out of the Presidential race.
Wikipedia changes its pages after [JE] is arrested.
KellyAnne Conway says the last time Trump spoke to [JE] was over 15 years ago.
Pelosi goes after Acosta over [JE] deal.
Pelosi does not want the citizen question on the census, Barr has a way to legally put it on the census.
JS sues the gov’t to get the information on Biden.
Salvini closes migrant center.
EU tells Iran do not break the deal.



Published on July 9, 2019
Q drop more bread, reviews many posts and lets the people know that the Patriots are in control. What we are witnessing has been planned out from the beginning and now the entire plan is coming together.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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