Where We Go 1 We Go All 7-4-19 VIDEO… “The 2nd American Revolution” (and why it’s a WORLD revolution)

This is a very thorough and comprehensive collection of items about the “2nd American Revolution” which we are definitely in right now (and as I pointed out in this recent Kp post, it is truly a planetary revolution). This covers many many things, and I’ve chosen to add to WWG1WGA’s time links, for quicker reference. I love what this (New York City) guy does.

If those who view this cannot get at least some grasp of what is going on right now, then, well, just keep it in the background and view it when the inner eyes have opened a tiny bit. This is a very rapid fire of “red pill waking up bits” that is based on his own “wake up”, and potentially could be helpful to many people.

The video and link is below, but in case algorithms “disappear” this, I’ve downloaded the video as MP4s. Click to view and/or save as: 360p (107 MB); 720p (187 MB).


Published July 4, 2019
All the Evidence Showing Why I Believe that Trump and a Group of Patriots are Currently Staging a Coup to Free America and Return Power to The People…God Bless America and Happy 4th of July!

Time points (those with * are WWG1WGA’s)
0:00 Intro/ Why I Voted For Trump*

0:30 Trump’s been dropping “red pills” his whole life
3:50 As soon as Trump elected, msm goes into overdrive to attack (whereas they “loved” him before)
5:00 Snopes is fake
6:31 Wikileaks*
6:50 After Trump elected, pedo arrests skyrocket
11:45 Las Vegas/ Benghazi*
11:45 False flags connection to HRC (distraction) and clogging msm news feed
16:23 Q A N O N / Epstein / Trust the Plan*
20:00 What #Q #QAnon is… It’s to WAKE PEOPLE UP! Achieve “critical mass” of “woke” people.
21:22 The Evidence: Resignations, Arrests and Odd Happenings*
27:00 Disney – Illuminati connection
29:45 Adrenochrome; celebrities now aging rapidly
30:15 Celebrity deaths… lots of them
35:00 Politicals resignations / deaths… lots of them
42:00 It’s a world revolution

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