GaiaPortal 6-25-19… “Rotational components balance the translational”

I saw this GaiaPortal just before leaving for the recent Oahu journey, but never posted or commented about it. So…

Can’t say I understand all of this, but it appears that various things are coming into balance (Rotational… translational). Green lights may have to do with the next steps for many Light Worker types, waiting for the green light to go to the next phase.

Harbinger means “a person or thing that announces or indicates the approach of something; forerunner”, so it is possible that “Harbingers of Gold present en masse” means something related to a “gold standard” coming in to the financial world, but it could also refer to the energetics of the planet. After all, Trump going to North Korea yesterday might be read as a “gold standard” (Trump has always loved gold… and then there’s the hair) coming in to a previously C_A-owned country.

The last two lines indicate that the “fluff standard” (flamboyants) is being dropped for something more solid (actual world change). More are waking up.


Rotational components balance the translational

Rotational components balance the translational.

Green lights are viewed and obeyed.

Harbingers of Gold present en masse.

Flamboyants are dropped.

Solids are embraced.

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