And We Know VIDEO(s) 6-28-19… “SerialBrain2: The shocking Truth about Iran and the reason Trump misspelled “locked”, “site” and “strait”” (parts 1 & 2)

As usual, these AWK videos really helped clarify and illustrate what SB2 decoded in his last post (And We Know, YouTube, AWK Bitchute channel). Every time I view the videos, after reading the SB2 article, I feel more blinders being removed from my own understanding of the planetary situation, and how it is greatly improving.

This is about the SB2 article, “The shocking Truth about Iran and the reason Trump misspelled “locked”, “site” and “strait””” (related Kp blog post).

[Kp note: although these decodes can be very, very deep, I feel each of them can encourage learning to use one’s own discernment and find what “rings the Inner Bell”. Personally, I find it useful to both read the SB2 posts and view the And We Know videos (Bitchute channel)… I find I get more complete data input that way.]

Mikado game | Gearbest:
Mikado Teen Version:
BBC News Maryam Mirzakhani – first woman to win the Fields Medal:
Press Gaggle: Donald Trump Speaks to the Press Before Marine One Departure – June 22, 2019:
Shah Of Persia’s Coronation + State Opening Of Parliament (1967):
Oil Crisis of 1973:
Why the West ovethrow the Shah of Iran and installed the Mullah-regime:
The CIA, Khomeini, & Secrets of the Islamic Revolution Exposed with Margot White:
Remarks: Donald Trump Holds a Bilateral Meeting With Justin Trudeau of Canada – June 20, 2019:
Press Gaggle: Donald Trump Speaks to the Press Before Marine One Departure – June 22, 2019-

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