Excerpt from David Wilcock 6-25-19 (super long) article… “A super-condensed version of the Forbidden Story as we see it”

From the article (Part 5, I believe)

The current US administration is part of a secret, international Alliance that is in a fight to the death with the Deep State, which controls mainstream and social media alike.

The Alliance’s plan goes back for decades. They have been fighting for global freedom since at least the mid-1950s. John F. Kennedy lost his life fighting for the Alliance, among countless others.

The Deep State is far, far worse at the highest levels than most people could ever comprehend… a genocidal Satanic pedo cult that historically ran the world.

The Alliance is revealing the truth to the public through a series of anonymous posts collectively called Q Anon, which repeatedly prove they are connected to the current US administration.

The Deep State’s greatest secret is a vast “breakaway civilization” in space, with technology beyond our wildest dreams… technology paid for by systematically bankrupting this entire planet.

The Alliance’s plan includes the full exposure and defeat of the Deep State, followed by the release of the forbidden knowledge and technology that has been so jealously hidden from us.

Our society will then have the greatest quantum leap in recorded history. This is a significant aspect of what various ancient prophecies referred to as ‘Ascension.’

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