Kp Note 6-17-19… “Related to Benjamin Fulford’s last post” (and Archangel Michael)

AAM image (in “cutting through crap” mode), similar to what I use on missions (although usually I see him with a helmet)

On the latest BF Kp blog post, I left this update:

“In the full article, Benjamin’s sources implies Trump is a Zionist, has Rothschild “stooges”, and Ben implies that the term “schoolyard bully” applies to him. The challenge with President DJT is that he has to play on many levels at once. I have no doubt that he is a master at this, particularly in light of the SerialBrain2 decodes. We shall see how this all plays out. And that is also why I recommend keeping all involved in this grand world play, “In the Light”.”

So, as I looked through my “senses” (the Higher Ones… my Higher Ones… aka “my Higher Discernment Ones) about all this, I was seeing that this all kind of relates to what happens with me on many of my “missions”.

On the missions I go on, there are times when I feel the desire / need for “Protective Assistance”. Like when I’m in a dark part of a city, or some region where I sense there may be some “surprises” waiting. When this happens, I call on Archangel Michael (AAM) (actually, an image of Archangel Michael that I have created) for protection. This AAM image has him standing up tall, with his sword up or down, going ahead of me. If I’m in a car, he is standing on the hood, leading the way.

  • AAM Sword down: protective posture
  • AAM Sword up: “cutting through crap” posture

These images have always helped me to move through missions. I still use them.

Now for myself at least, this strongly relates to President Donald J. Trump (and The Alliance). I’m not saying he is AAM, but the principles (sword down, sword up) relate. Particularly the “sword up” one. In my view, at this time, he is here to (“sword down” mode):

  • Protect (from disintegration) the “working parts” of the US.
  • Protect those who are working with him.
  • Protect the military (because it’s a tool for now (not forever (dammit!))).
  • Protect the planetary economy (the fiat, central bank one) from going berserk, while a new one (e.g., precious-metals-backed, country-assets-backed, Quantum financial) is being implemented.

Then at the same time, and what I view as his most valuable quality, he is here to “cut through the crap” (“sword up” mode). He seems to be very talented at that. Examples (of “sword up” mode):

  • Call out the main stream media propaganda.
  • Speak bluntly and directly (usually via Twitter) to certain world leaders (e.g., Kim Jong Un (“rocket boy”), Joe Biden (“Sleepy Joe”), et al.). This provokes them to expose themselves and their misdeeds.
  • Speak bluntly and directly (usually via Twitter) to any in the deep state (see above).
  • Call out “lunacy” (usually of the “liberal” and “political” types, but it applies to anyone or any group).
  • Trolling the h— out of anyone or any thing or any country (e.g. see this Kp blog post; and this one)… again, more than likely to get their attention and say, “You’re not doing this anymore, so I’m slapping your hand” (or appropriate body part).

Well, I’ve got other things to do here, but I wanted to get this out there. Please try to understand I am a “Supporter of the Light”, and all who are working toward that end. I believe, quite strongly, that DJT is doing this, and may represent a human “Archangel Michael” type of being, which is needed for the planet for this moment of time of the Planet.

Aloha, Kp

(note: below are a few other images of AAM that I might occasionally use… Which I’ll add after the initial posting of this.)

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