Where We Go 1 We Go All 6-13-19 VIDEO… “Who Rigged The TWlN TOWERS” (a remarkable compilation and ‘Compelling New Evidence of Who Set The Explosives’)

I believe this may be one of the best short compilations of evidence about what happened on 9-11-01. Excellent!

The beginning few minutes he describes some connections with the recent helicopter crash in NYC. But more importantly (in my view), he exposes some new evidence about who actually set the explosives in the Twin Towers, and how it relates to an “Israeli Art Group” (named “Gelatin”) that made sketches that (surprise surprise) looked almost exactly like what happened on 9-11.

Also pointed out is that WWG1WGA guy is an engineer of skyscrapers, so he knows what he is talking about here. He also notes that Donald Trump pointed out how explosives must have been used to bring down the towers (see this earlier (2016) Kp blog post).

I’ve placed a couple quotes about what I see about those events. Currently, I would find it hard to believe anyone could deny that the whole thing was a controlled demolition event. Perhaps this video can assist others in “waking up”.

The YouTube video and link is below, but since the social media giants’ censorship algorithms might want to wipe this one out at some point, I have downloaded the video as MP4s. Click to save as 360p (67 MB) and 720p (147 MB).


Published June 13, 2019
Compelling New Evidence of Who Set The Explosives Leading Up to 9/11


The quote below is from an SB2 article (related Kp blog post).

“9/11 was an operation conducted by the enemies of America hidden in Secret Societies and in the highest levels of our Government. In addition to its evil spiritual component, the motivation was to manipulate public opinion to go to war. Since the perpetrators were in positions of power, the 9/11 cover-up was subsequently easy to implement, leaving the families of the victims in deep distress and with little to no hope of seeing Justice ever be done. Until Trump. He has instructed Rudy Giuliani to quietly do what is required to ultimately expose the most scandalous cover-up in our history and finally bring the perpetrators to justice.”

And from an earlier Kp blog post (by Kp)…

“Most reading this blog I’m sure are quite awake and aware to the fact that 9-11 was essentially a massive, coordinated, controlled-demolition false-flag event, of which several parts of the plan apparently were actually stopped. When I saw a video where Donald Trump said, at that time, that there is no way the buildings could have fallen as a result of planes hitting the towers and that there had to be bombs involved, I knew that we now had a chance, with DJT in the President office, to finally, in public, expose the whole truth about 9-11.”

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