So what’s all this about a “Missing Dog Named GUMBO”?? Deep state codings, it seems… (via Bill Smith News, 6-7-19)

[Kp update: this WDiM has a number of links to recent “suicides”, etc., and may be helpful for the links it contains.]

This one “struck pretty strongly to post, as it shows a) one way the deep state (Democrat) is coding messages, and b) the deep state (Democrat) desperation. The video (short one) goes through this pretty well, and when I looked up Donna Brazile on WikiPedia, it does show she was born in New Orleans, and her Twitter account indicates her love for gumbo. Then all the connections made with DNC people… Well, tie this in with all of the recent “suicides” (including HRC’s youngest brother), well, it sounds like desperation.

Once again, the idea here is to Shine Light on all that is going on here, as well as remain IN the Light.

QANON 6/6/19: Missing Dog Named GUMBO – Is this Donna Brazile’s CodeName??

Premiered Jun 7, 2019
Is Donna Brazile’s codename “Gumbo”?
There’s a DNC campaing to find a lost dog name Gumbo in Atlanta.
Contact if you see Donna Brazile in Atlanta this weekend.

Twitter Links from Famous Peeple about “lost dogs”.

RIP Isaac Kappy:………

Famous DNC people look for Gumbo:…………

Bungo – Tales of the Lost Dogs…

Donna Brazile – I hope you have good life insurance..…

TracyBeanz is a shill: “I don’t support and internet bill of rights”…

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