Sean Hannity, Fox News 6-6-19… “Mainstream media ‘smear machine’ in full gear on Trump’s UK visit”, and an Axios poll, “Americans view fake news as a bigger problem than terrorism”

[Kp update: here’s another Kp blog post about Trump calling out (nig time) the msm, this time, pre-inauguration, in the Trump tower.)]

Besides the “positive things about America since Trump” at the beginning of this, I found this to be a very nice exposure of the propaganda media, and what is now called, “fake news” (and to use that term is quite limiting, because much of what I have viewed on msm outlets like MSNBC, ABC, et al. (and Fox, as well), is what I would call “slanted / propagandized presentations of what actually occurred”).

A key point made here is that as a result of Donald J. Trump becoming a candidate for, and then the President, is that this has all been brought out BIG TIME into the open. BIG TIME. I realized this some time before DJT was elected that was one of the reasons he had come in to expose and call out the msm (see this Kp blog post, for example) (and here’s another one).

And this video mentioned an article which shows (to me, at least) that Americans are waking up to this, and to the “dangers” of this. Meaning, the “dangers” of following only msm outlets which are propagandized, and which either don’t report, or they twist and turn things so that they are not what is really correct. This particularly occurs with the msm and Donald Trump.

Here is the Axios article (poll) he mentions in the video, Americans view fake news as a bigger problem than terrorism.

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