PrayingMedic 6-1-19… VIDEO “The Clintons, US Attorney Huber, an Information Avalanche and UFO’s”

This video illustrates why PrayingMedic is one of the few YouTube people I follow, and share on this blog. He covers many things here, and in particular, he connects with those of “Christian faith”, which I feel is his “calling”, to connect with them… so all may be illuminated about what is going on now. Particularly, he is a “non-doom-and-gloom” person (just like Mark Taylor).

I was a bit surprised I wanted to listen to anything today, after the Kauai Mission (and here, and here), but I connected with this very strongly.

Time points:
2:30 Goes into the whole Barr / Huber “what are they doing” deal. They are doing something, including investigating the Clintons.
13:10 We are in an information. Describes in wonderful detail how this disinformation is put out there, and can come from anywhere. “Do your own research” is PM’s phrase. Many “non-MSM” are putting out their own narratives for their own benefit. Very enlightening discussion.
16:00 Dream about “documents”, symbolizing what we are about to see coming out… in great numbers. (D5 avalanche, baby!).
18:14 How “alternative sources” are also not telling the whole truth about what is happening / has happened.
22:15 Deep state actors are being removed. Pray for the President (and the Alliance).
25:50 When you’re a “cooperating witness” you have already “plead guilty”. Ergo, arrests have been made and are being made. Very fascinating information here.
32:48 Q is indeed all over the globe. He describes message from a Japan blogger that has 10K+ followers on their Q board.
35:50 The CIA will be shut down (they’re too corrupt), is being shut down, and is being dismantled under the direction of Gina Haspel. The intel operations will be taken over by the NSA.
37:09 UFOs discussed, Jordan Sather, etc. etc. Also he talks about the Christian community and/or Biblical misunderstandings about ETs and UFOs (many automatically assume they are “of the Devil”, etc.). Goes into SSP, etc.
49:49 Dream before Trump was elected. People had choice, saw world as result of Trump being President. Abundance, no poverty, all people benefit. Trump is going to remove all corrupt people from power.
53:14 “Liberal agenda” cities and states have high addiction, corruption, homelessness. California is ripe for a revival.

Published on June 1, 2019

I discuss comments made by Rudi Giuliani about US Attorney John Huber, and his investigation of the Clinton Foundation, and Uranium One. I also share a dream about the coming avalanche of information and I talk about …. aliens and UFO’s
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