David Wilcock comments (two of them) on Ben Fulford’s 5-27-19 article

I just checked right now, and found two comments left by David on Benjamin’s latest article (related Kp blog post). Since David often has expanded information about what Ben has posted, I wanted to be sure to get these two comments up here.

David Wilcock comment 1


We missed you!

Thank you, Ben, for reporting accurately on the situation and adding extra zest that we didn’t already know about.

This will be very helpful with my upcoming mega-article that I expect to release this week.

David Wilcock

David Wilcock comment 2

Don’t forget that I wrote a MASSIVE analysis of all the Flight 370 stuff in April 2014, as follows:


I covered the story of how this flight was landed at Diego Garcia military base and then repurposed into Flight 17, which was then intended to crash into the Hague and be used in conjunction with planted explosives and satellite-based technology to kill off the world’s leaders: “chop the head off of the snake,” in Deep State terms:


It is very encouraging to hear that this might all be part of what the public knows.

On a macro level, this summer is when the shit is going to hit the fan, we get DECLAS, and the public will have to adjust to this highly terrifying new reality.

Folks like us will be instrumental in keeping the public peace.


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