Dr. Dave Janda 5-14-19… “President Trump is about to “HAMMER” Brennan & Comey” (and how this (and one other item) ‘sparked’ today’s mission)

This was the first thing I watched today. I was not quite sure whether the “190514 Mauna Kea “Releasing the Fire” Mission” was going to take place. Yes, I knew it “felt” right (it was a 5-5 day), but still, I was waiting. There was something about this “‘ball of fire’ energy” collected at the 190508 Kīlauea Mission that was to be released at Mauna Kea.

Then, starting last night, two things happened:
1. I felt drawn to watch “Cajun Pawn Stars“, which I had NEVER watched since moving to my current place. Episode 3 of season 1 had someone bring in an unpublished recording (a record) of Jerry Lee Lewis. One of the most famous songs he recorded was “Great Balls of Fire“.

2. In the video here, by Dave Janda, he discusses how several insider whistleblowers (like General McInerney) had told Dave that “The Hammer” was an operation created by the deep state to take out Donald Trump out of office if he won the election. Now, who were the authors of Great Balls of Fire? Otis Blackwell and Jack HAMMER!! What a connection.

So I knew, after watching this video, that the mission was on.


Published on May 14, 2019
The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on President Trump and the take down of the Deep State’s Brennan & Comey.
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The link to the article discussed : http://theamericanreport.org/2019/05/12/comey-launched-trump-russia-investigation-day-after-general-exposed-the-hammer/
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