A Couple of 5-2-19 videos that give some ideas about the “Barr hearing”…

William Barr, Attorney General

So these videos both have something to do with the “Barr hearings” held in the US Senate. I know this is all part of the process, but I must say that some of the statements made by these “partners in contrast” are pretty tough to listen to, but they definitely show how little actual fact make it into these hearings. Most of them are simply attacks. The first one below has Tracy Beanz going into detail about this.

No doubt, as Q mentions in Q post 2576:

“Those with the most to lose are the loudest. Those who ‘knowingly’ broke the law in a coordinated effort [treason] are the most vocal. Crimes against Humanity. Q”

I’m saying nothing about whether the ones in the hearings are in that group, but this will be revealed in time. Clearly, to me, at least, there is “Panic, Panic, Panic” with many of these folks.

Bottom line, for myself, at least, I’m holding all of these beings in the Light, knowing that I do not know all that these people have been through or been “forced” to say, and or behave.

Tracy Beanz analysis of the “veracity” of statements made by Mazie Hirono (HI), Kamala Harris (CA), et. al.: https://youtu.be/UbP09heNJNI

x22Report covering this in general: https://youtu.be/S6Q0J3puLGg

Now, am I going to spend hours and hours going through these, and write letter after letter to any of these people? No. That is not my path. As I mentioned, all of this is playing out as it needs to, the deep state takedown has been planned out and is being carried out, and it is MY job to DO what I am Guided to do, GO where I am Guided to go, and BE where I am Guided to be. (well, something like that.

As in the last Kp message post, “in order for a “problem” (or “challenge”) to be resolved, and to grant me the “transformation lesson” it is trying to teach me, I must fully engage in that “problem” / “challenge”,” and, for myself, to stay out of processes that are not mine to engage in.

In any event, that’s all for now.

Aloha, Kp

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