Kp Message 5-2-19… “‘Engaging’ in the Planetary Transformation” (aka, “I found the coqui frog, and he has been released!

The mind (well, my mind) has today been processing the idea of “engaging” in the planetary transformation. I’m not going to make this complicated (or long), but here it is… from my own view.

We (those on this planet) are currently each partaking in one of the greatest transformations the planet has ever seen. And WE are a part of it. Therefore, many things happen “to us” to help us each transform individually as the collective is transforming planetarily (is that a word?). Of course, “happening to us” I believe is really better phrased as “happening for us”… for our own transformation (ascension, vibration-raising, whatever you want to call it).

Therefore, often I’m discovering that in order for a “problem” (or “challenge”) to be resolved, and to grant me the “transformation lesson” it is trying to teach me, I must fully engage in that “problem” / “challenge”.

Coqui frog… IPOA* references: Link 1, Link 2

So I felt very moved to communicate with the coqui (which was doing a 80-100 decibel (aka, “loud as hell”) chirp that seemed right above my head), and say that I was glad they were here, but I’d be grateful if they found another place to chirp. In the meantime I’d sprinkled baking soda above the ceiling and later sprayed a solution of citric acid all over the outside of my place (both are supposed to “eliminate” the frogs)… but to no avail… the 80-100 dB chirping continued.

So I telepathically told the coqui that I had no intention to harm him, and would only try to escort him away. Then tonight I heard it again, and it seemed the chirp was lower. So I went outside with my flashlight and checked where the sound might be coming from, and I saw the beautiful coqui in a 1/2″ slot/crevice on the outside of my place. I (gently) grabbed the coqui with my fingers (he was about 1″ long) and threw him away from the house.

Currently, as of this moment at 1005 PM, there is no more 80-100 dB coqui chirp!!

So this, to me, is “engaging”. It is not about “playing the victim”, but rather about “partnering” (engaging) with the partner in contrast (creature in contrast) to transform the situation.

Here’s a couple other items I’ve been “engaging” the past few weeks / months:

1. Left shoulder: “injured” and painful since 10-2017 (after a body surfing “fall” onto the sand), I finally took steps to “engage” it a few weeks ago, by going to first, massage, later, to physical therapy. After about 5 weeks, as a result of the physical therapy, I am now able to fully use my left arm, and am now, once again, able to throw!!! I can now throw about 100-150 feet with my left arm! (I could throw maybe 10 feet before that, with intense electrical pain down my arm) And in the meantime, I had also learned to throw with my right arm (never in my life had I done that before!). So the “reward” for “engaging” this situation is that I am now ambidextrous (for throwing, that is)!

2. Left (and right) thumbs: I’m now engaged in physical therapy for those, which I intensely strained back in 2013 (Turtle Island journey), and later the left thumb was further injured by use of a couple of GANS pens (more likely, my mis-use). That will soon be resolved.

3. Releasing of unused items: Clearing out “tonnes and tonnes” of things I have not been using for several (months, years), including music equipment, clothes, stuff and other stuff.

4. Missions to Maui, opening and/or helping to realign / reconfigure the Portal / Stargate at Haleakala: Although I love all the islands, Maui has never really been my “favorite”. Yet the call came several times in the past year to go to Maui and “Energy work” there. Mokulele Airlines has become my partner and I love the small planes. And thanks to Bruce and Barbara for introducing me to many wonderful places there (particularly Sip Me coffee in Makawao!).

I’m sure many who read this already know what I’m talking about here. So I’m just going to end this with reminder to Follow the Higher Inner Guidance, Utilize the Higher Inner Discernment, and Fully engage the “Partners in Contrast” situations that arise along the way.

We’ve got this, baby!!

Aloha, Kp

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