Utsava Psychic Medium 4-28-19… “The Truth about the Witch hunt, JFK junior, Brexit, Royals news, Trump about the Measles Vaccines”

Rarely have I posted “psychic mediums”, but in this case I felt the information was quite “bell ringing”. I found myself listening to the entire 44 minutes. Pretty fascinating (actually I did post her one time before, in 2018).

Essentials of this message are (and pardon, I’m quoting Beverly, who sent this link to me!):

– She predicts what will happen in politics, health, vaccines, etc.
– She got the message that John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive & that he will come out of hiding & will be Trump’s running mate in 2020 & that they will be running against Joe Biden.
– It will be interesting to see if her predictions come true., like the one that says the vaccines will be exposed for the hoax that they are & will no longer be used by the end of 2019.
– She tells us the natural things that we can do to protect ourselves from a
variety of things.
[Kp notes added below]
– Hillary is executed (only body doubles are in public) (aka, “The witch is dead”).
– Obama arrested, but out of GITMO. Under surveillance.
– Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dead; executed.
– Prince Charles was behind the hit on Princess Diana.
– Queen of England has been asked to surrender. Prince William will replace.- But power will be removed from the monarchy.
– When Trump says, “The witch hunt is over”, it refers to Hillary.
– John Podesta expected to have a life sentence; he’s been giving valuable information about deep state.
– Tony Podesta been executed.

Each is recommended to use their own Higher Discernment with this.


Published on Apr 28, 2019
Why did Trump suggest to get the measles vaccines? When will JFK junior reveal himself? What about Brexit and the Queen of England? More information about Hillary Clinton, Soros and more!… Learn more about the Fisa, what happened at the Bush senior funeral, about Bush junior and more! You won’t be disappointed.

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