Edge of Wonder 4-29-19… “Corey Goode on Rod Rosenstein Resignation, AG Reports, FISA, Aliens, & More”

I saw this and started listening, and eventually tuned in to where Corey came on, at about 28:45. He talks with them for about 45 minutes and shares a fair amount of information about what is going on currently. In particular he mentions that his intel lines up with DW’s, et al, that the timing of earth events is being coordinated so various drops come out at the same time. Apparently Rod Rosenstein has chosen to share “truth” about the deep state.

[Please note that I will most likely delete any FB comments about Corey which just say things like “We all know CG is full of s—“. I have got these before, and they will not be allowed to remain on my FB pages. In my depths, I “get” that Corey, as a human being, is the “real deal”, even though he is (likely) not perfect and may make errors. Use one’s own discernment about any of his (or other’s) information.]


Published April 29, 2019
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