Two images from the latest SB2 (and AWK video) that indicate the “White Hats” are now “in control”

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In the latest SB2 post and related AWK video (related Kp blog post), two images really stood out. The first shows the dress which CIA director Gina Haspel was wearing during the State of the Union 2019. It is decorated with white hats.

I’ve “got” for some time that Gina Haspel felt like a “white hat” in the CIA. Here are are my comments about her from two prior Kp blog posts:

[from this 3-22-19 blog post] “According to what I sense, new CIA Director, Gina Haspel, seems like Bourne Supremacy (and Bourne Ultimatum) CIA task force director Pamela Landy. She saw what the CIA people were doing, killing Americans worldwide, and chose to blow the whistle.”

[from this 12-23-19 blog post] “One point that many understand is that many of the “problems” that appear around the world are created by deep state agencies, like the CIA, MI6, et al. When Gina Haspel came in as head of CIA, I felt she was a mirror of Pamela Landy (of the Bourne movie series) who came in and exposed the corruption and led to the cleaning up of the dark programs of the CIA. I have no doubt the same thing is happening now.”

The second image compares the smoke coming from the 9-11-01 burning Twin Towers and that from the 4-15-19 Notre Dame Cathedral burning. The first is black, the second is white.

Black hat operation, white hat operation.

To me this indicates that the “White hats” have things covered. There are still likely to be more false flag and other events, but it is coming from the desperate actions of a dying deep state.

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