And We Know VIDEO 4-27-19… “SerialBrain2: Michelle Obama in Paris during the Notre Dame fire: connection to Sri Lanka attacks”

[Kp note: when this was first posted, incorrect AWK links were provided. This has been corrected.]

A new video by And We Know (Bitchute channel) covering the latest recent SB2 post, the link for which I posted here. This is like a “part 2” to these prior SB2 article / AWK video (related Kp blog post) (part 1). And although these decodes (particularly this one) can be very very deep, I feel each of them can encourage learning to use one’s own discernment and find what “rings the Inner Bell”.

For myself, several points “rang my Inner Bell”:

  • Michelle Obama appears to be the “one in charge” during the Obama administration… the Main code signaler for the deep state.
  • False flag events, like New Zealand, Sri Lanka, are sacrifices, the requested number of victims of which are coded via Tweets, etc. (see this image, and this one)
  • The “Hussein (Barack Obama) – Michelle – Beyonce” triad is important. All are deep state CIA assets (see this image). Coded messages from years past are used to “activate assets” (see this image).
  • Several messages point to Michelle being “Michael” (see this image).
  • Via the color of the smoke, 9-11-2001 was a black hat operation, Notre Dame Cathedral burning was a white hat operation (see this image).

Excellent video, again, by And We Know.

[Kp note: Personally, I find it useful to both read the SB2 posts and view the And We Know videos (Bitchute channel)… I find I get more complete data input that way.]

Michelle about marriage vid:
Trump Press Gaggle: Speaks about Michelle being a MAN –
Joan Rivers: Michelle is a Transgender:
Obama calls wife Michael:
Beyonce’s Letter to Michelle:

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