GaiaPortal 4-20-19… “Inspections of Higher Ascenders are completed”

This fascinating new GaiaPortal message appears to point towards a kind of “separation point” where those who have decided that ascension is not for them, will be moved to another path.

Regarding hummingbird, here’s what one site has to say about that:

…Hummingbird as a spirit animal represents flexibility (our ability to accept and implement change), lightheartedness and joy. Other associations shared by these Lightworkers include remaining present, freedom, awakening happiness and hope, a lightness of spirit, quick responses, reversing melancholy, tirelessness, and fortitude.

So to me, “flexibility” is a key word in this. Perhaps it is important to remember to remain flexible as our Ascension process.


Inspections of Higher Ascenders are completed

Inspections of Higher Ascenders are completed.

Those unwilling for the upward movement are soothed and transferred.

Heavenly Partners assume the Guardian role.

Flights of Hummingbirds fill the skies.

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